Family Halloween Costumes: 101 Problems but a Cute Dalmatian ‘Aint One!

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Eva Amurri shares another Family Halloween Costume idea: 101 Dalmations

For our second Family Halloween Costume, allow me to present to you…

Madame Cruella, her right-hand man Jasper, and a couple of Dalmatian pups!

…Or rather, as Major reminded me, a Dalmatian Mom and a Dalmatian Pup. “You are too old to be a puppy, Mama.” NOTED. Lol.

I love this costume, as it allowed me to repurpose things I already had for Marlowe and my costumes, and to buy a few things to complete the vibe. Marlowe was an ENTIRE MOOD while dressed as Cruella for this shoot, and I have to say I was glad when she took the costume off and returned to normal. I technically have a few years left before teenage attitude arrives thankyouverymuch. I also can’t actually deal with Mateo in a Dalmatian costume. I wish Halloween was longer than one day a year!

in this picture

in this picture

Dalmatian Ears & Tail


These were affordable and are great for Mama!

Infant Dalmatian Costume


I CANNOT HANDLE how adorable this costume is!

Cobble Hill Turtleneck

Dudley Stephens

Dudley Stephens fleeces are great staples to incorporate into a Halloween costume! They come in virtually every color imaginable and you’ll have them forever!

fleece zip through jacket in lime

ASOS Design

This is the jacket Marlowe is wearing (just a lighter green)…

Women's Jersey Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt Dress

Daily Ritual

This is the dress Marlowe was wearing (under $20!!!)

in this picture

Child 20s Newsie Costume


This is the costume I repurposed for Major!

Fine Clear Crystal Line Necklace

Countess Collection

I knew this necklace from Countess Luann would come in handy! LOL!

Nike One Luxe Leggings


These are the leggings I wore with my costume! Super comfy!

Panoramic Long Wear Lip Liner in Raven


I find that lip liner works best instead of lipstick because it’s less likely to smear or wipe off.

in this picture

in this picture

in this picture

Photographs by Julia Dags

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  1. Amanda says:

    These are really amazing family halloween trends. Thanks for sharing them all. Love all of them.

    10.16.20 Reply