Family Halloween Costumes 2021: Not Throwing Away Our Shot!

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Eva Amurri shares her family's Hamilton theme Halloween Costumes

Just like my country, I’m young scrappy and hungry– and I’m not throwin away my, not throwin away my SHOT!!! We listen to a lot of Hamilton around here. Ha! Marlowe and Major have even gotten really in to the movie of the musical on Disney+. As a huge Hamilton fan myself, I love that we can listen to the soundtrack again and again as a family, and that the kids are getting a little subliminal history lesson alongside it. The songs have sparked lots of questions in our house about the American revolution, history, and Alexander Hamilton. It’s been interesting to answer them. Not gonna lie, I have to google for most of my answers. I’m learning right alongside them! The cutest thing has been listening to Mateo sing along to the soundtrack as well. It’s hilarious to hear the lyrics coming out of a tiny little body. LOL.

in this picture

in this picture

This year, for one of our Family Halloween Costume inspo posts, I knew we had to do a Hamilton theme! Major wanted to be George Washington, Mateo is our rambunctious and confident little Alexander, Marlowe is Eliza (duh), and I figured I’d be Angelica Schuyler…since all Marlowe and I do is fight for Mateo’s affection. It’s pretty perfect. I will say that Mateo is majorly NOT in to wearing costumes this year. He’s interested in it off of his body, but hates the feeling of wearing it on his body. Anybody else struggle with this with their toddler? Not quite sure what to do about it for actual Halloween, since he lasts about three minutes and then tears it off. I vaguely remember Marlowe being similar when it comes to costumes, so maybe he’ll grow out of it in the next thirty days. LOL.

Let me know how you like this costume idea, and stay tuned for two more posts with family Halloween costume inspo for this year!

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  1. Irina V says:

    Lol the last photo with Mateo in tears is adorable!! Poor little Hamilton, really not liking the whole costume idea :)) I love the Hamilton theme, I am obsessed with everything Hamilton.

    09.27.21 Reply
  2. Rennee says:

    So cute!! My kiddos love Hamilton, too; I love when they sing and dance along as we watch it on Disney+. My son is also very similar to Major – he loves the idea of a costume, but refuses to wear them. I tend to find him something simple and practical, like costume pajamas or shirts that look like they’re part of a costume/dress up. Amazon has a super cute Chase (from Paw Patrol) jacket that I’m thinking of getting him, and just pair it with brown pants. ??‍♀️ Whatever works!

    09.27.21 Reply
  3. Jessie says:

    I love Hamilton but am reluctant about letting my little one watch or listen to it – I mean the first line is “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman”… and Washington on your side references the “Southern motherf—ing Democratic-Republicans”. Is there a kid – safe version of the lyrics out there?

    09.27.21 Reply
    • Ha! I totally get that. I don’t know if there is, but what’s so weird is that my kids have never asked me about any of the lyrics or repeated them…yet. So I guess safe for now?

      10.01.21 Reply