Educational Tools I Use With My Kids

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Eva Amurri shares the educational tools she uses with her kids

I’m always trying to make sure my household is a place where my kids can have fun, feel free and open to exploring, and also let out their energy in a variety of fabulous ways. But…I want them to learn things, too!! During the pandemic, it really was drilled into me how important it is to be stimulating my kids and surrounding them with learning opportunities outside of school. Especially now, during the summer months, I make sure that my kiddos are keeping up with learning games, activities, and workbooks so that they don’t backslide before school starts!

Major is starting Kindergarten this Fall, and Marlowe worked SO hard this year to improve her reading, writing, and math. I want to make sure both of them feel strong going into the school year. I even make sure that Mateo is getting the learning stimulation that he needs and deserves! Different learning tools we use are sometimes in the background of my Instagram stories, and I’ve been getting so many DM’s and emailed questions about them recently that I figured I’d make a little blog post and link the things we love to use in our home. You’d be surprised how often my kids actually pick their educational tools to play with and use over other toys!

Let me know if there are incredible tools you use in your home that aren’t included here. I’d love to make this post a resource for parents looking to begin that journey!

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Educational Tools

Soft Alphabet Cards


I noticed Mateo was really into learning his alphabet, so I bought these to play with and now he knows ALL his letters!

Brain Quest Workbook: Kindergarten


This Brain Quest Kindergarten workbook was the first one I bought for Major and he blew through it, he thought it was so fun!

My First Grade Workbook: 101 Games and Activities


I got this book for Maj to be more of a challenge, and it definitely is. But it also has lots of games, which he’s loved.

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Summer Learning HeadStart: Grade 2 to 3


This book was recommended to me for Marlowe, bridging the gap between her Grade 2 learning, and brushing up on skills for Grade 3!

The Storyteller Play Kit


I’ve subscribed to the Lovevery Playkits since Mateo was a newborn, and we LOVE them. They’re beautifully made toys that all are learning-focused, with cards for parents and caregivers to utilize as well!

See and Spell Learning Toys


These cards and letter sets have been incredible for Major as he improves his reading and spelling!

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Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids


Marlowe and Major have so much fun picking activities out of this STEAM book!

Paint by Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals


These sticker books are incredible for my bigger kids because they also work their fine motor skills.

Scissor Skills Activity Book for Kids


I got Mateo some toddler scissors and I let him cut out pictures from this book to improve his fine motor skills.

My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel


Mateo loves this interactive learning toy, and it’s won multiple awards!

Learning Clock


Marlowe had a hard time learning to tell the time in school this year, and this toy helped her a ton.

Handwriting Practice Book


These reusable writing activity cards are amazing for kids who need more practice at home.

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Award Winning Preschool Game


ZINGO! Is a fast-paced, great game that makes learning sight words fun!

Eva Amurri shares the educational tools she uses with her kids

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    The workbook in your picture was created by my best friend. She also has a great website that I put above. She also has instagram. I’ve read your blog for years and never commented until now.

    Thanks for all the amazing content!! I really enjoy reading.

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    • Oh how cool! Tell her she makes great product!

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