DIY Gift Tags

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Eva Amurri shares her DIY Gift Tags for the Holidays.

Little personal touches make gift-giving that much more special during the Holiday season! I find crafting to be so meditative and relaxing…, especially crafts that do not involve my kids! Sometimes a glass of wine, a hot glue gun, and about 20 minutes are all I need to reset my mood and get into the holiday spirit! A favorite craft of mine this time of year is making my own DIY gift tags for presents I gift to friends and family. It’s a simple but meaningful item to craft, and makes gifts look that much sweeter and more personal!

Full disclosure: I LOVE WRAPPING GIFTS! I worked at a toy store all through High School, and one of my responsibilities was wrapping gifts for all the customers who needed gift wrapping. I became a whiz at it, and to this day, I’m able to wrap quickly, efficiently, and with those picture-perfect edges. And it only took four years of practice! LOL. But seriously, there is something so relaxing to me about the whole process, and it’s something that helps me calm my mind. It doesn’t hurt that Christmas wrapping paper is so cute, too!

Today I thought I’d share this little tutorial for inspiration as you get ready to wrap your gifts. I hope it’s a nice activity to help you unwind and get into a festive mood!

in this picture

in this picture

DIY Gift Tags

Step 1:

Write out your holiday message

Start by using your gel pen and write the message you’d like on the gift tag.

Step 2:

Final Touches

Once you have decided on your design, secure the buttons and felt with zots.

Step 3:

Secure to your gift

Using a thin string, attach your completed gift tag to your gift.

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