DIY: Chemical-Free Cleaning Products

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A big change I made when I was pregnant with Marlowe was swapping out all of my chemical-laden cleaning products.  I had read a lot about how disruptive chemicals can be to our hormone levels and reproductive systems, and I didn’t want to chance it.  (This is a great book if you’re interested) After using some great chemical-free cleaning brands I found at Whole Foods, I realized it would be easier and cheaper just to make my own! I have been making my own cleaning supplies for about two years now.  I absolutely love the results, and I especially love the peace of mind I have that my daughter can essentially lick the counter tops or floor and will never ingest anything dangerous.  Today I’m sharing my top three faves with you:  An All-Purpose Spray, Glass Cleaner, and Soft Scrub!diy_cleaning_001


You really don’t need any crazy ingredients for these three amazing products.  The only thing I really recommend you invest in if you’re interested in making your own cleaning supplies is a set of high quality essential oils!  You can use essential oils for everything from aromatherapy to immunity boosting, illness relief, and (my fave) disinfecting!  I love this book if you want to learn more about essential oils and how to integrate them in to your daily life.


All Purpose Spray Cleaner






Fill the bottle with water, leaving three inches at the top.  Carefully add the Castille Soap.  Add the drops of On Guard (with Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary, this oil blend is extremely purifying and disinfecting as well as supportive to the immune system!)  To Clean, spray and allow to sit for thirty seconds to one minute before wiping away.




Glass Cleaner






Fill your spray bottle halfway with Vinegar.  Fill the rest of the way with water, and add the Lavender Oil.  Shake Vigorously!




Disinfecting Soft Scrub



This is perfect for cleaning sinks, bathrooms, grout, or any other super dirty jobs!  The Hydrogen Peroxide and Lemon essential oil work together to make it very disinfecting, too!  Spread it on then wait a few minutes before scrubbing with a brush or sponge.



Mix all ingredients in a bowl, taking care to combine well.  With a spatula or spoon, transfer the mixture to your container.  This mixture will expand slightly so leave about an inch of space at the top of your container.


Do you use DIY chemical free cleaning products in your home? I love hearing about how you keep your homes clean and healthy!  Let me know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!



Photographs by Nina Suh for Love And Lemonade Photography

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  1. Max says:

    Mama’s little helper!!! Waiting for you start cooking like Jamie Oliver on your Youtube channel. ))))

    01.26.16 Reply
  2. Greg Fillmore says:

    Hello Eva,
    Thanks for the very good post, about healthy non toxic cleaners.
    I will have to try the lavender oil, I use Eucalyptus, which works well too. 
    People do not realize all of the chemicals, that as you wisely share, affects our hormone levels, and thus our health. On the internet you can research about too much salt (high PH balance, read those food labels) as well as excess estrogen from things in your environment (cleaners, chemicals in furniture etc.) overworking your immune system. I have researched how the human immune system mostly is made up of estrogen.
    Fortunately we live in a more aware age, partially thanks to the internet, and systems that allow for relative ease of shipping.
    For almost one year now I have owned furniture from Eco Select Furniture
    ( http://www.ecoselectfurniture.com/Articles.asp?ID=256 ) , specifically the Garland Collection, I like the old fashioned design  .
    Owner and CEO of Eco Select Furniture Kenneth Fonville has a superior blog (http://ecofriendlyken.blogspot.com/ ) whose latest post is sharing the same theme as Mrs. Martinos’ is, in her helpful, wise blog here.
    The challenge with obtaining that kind of furniture is the cost. Until in the larger US states (California, Texas, New York, Oregon, Ohio, Florida, Washington) with it wise citizenry passing state laws to change how the furniture industry is subsidized, with organics being the dominant kind of furniture that is subsidized by your tax dollars, sadly, the petroleum and other unnecessary chemicals in our furniture will continue not to cause, but significantly contribute to health ailments, that otherwise would probably not be occurring in our country at the levels it is.
    It would be neat for the grassroots of informed wise parents, to lobby successfully for changes at the state level for the subsides to shift where it should be, with organic materials being the priority for furniture again in the United States.
    The health of each individual, their families as well as our greater community is too important.
    I humbly hope that maybe, in a small way, information about Eco Select’s superior products, may be of some help to the Happily Eva After community, of wise co leaders.
    Thanks Eva, for sharing about the importance, of understanding about reasonable healthy alternatives for keeping your living environs, safe for the people, we cherish on our life journey.
    Have a good day.
    Greg Fillmore

    01.26.16 Reply
  3. ac says:

    Hi! Thanks for this post! Do you know if the all purpose spray works on Carrara marble? I know vinegar is one of the many items that will etch marble but was unsure about the Castille soap and oils. Can you use the all purpose cleaner on hardwood floors?
    If you feel comfortable answering, how is the stuff you make different from the honest company cleaning supplies (multi surface and window and glass cleaners)?
    Thanks again!

    01.26.16 Reply
    • Hi!

      I’m not actually sure about the marble. I have ceasar stone counter tops and it works perfectly! In terms of the difference between mine and Honest Co, I’m not sure except that it is much more cost effective to make your own products. I would try it and see how you like it– for us it was a great money saving opportunity!


      01.27.16 Reply
  4. Jill Ashbury says:

    Hello! Thanks for your inspiring post. I should put more energy (if available) in making my own non-toxic cleaners.
    I’ve tried this and that in the past though.
    Plus I like experiments — like the one time in a holiday appartment on Sardegna: We had a campfire going the night before and I took the ashes to clean the dishes 🙂
    It was the first time that I tried this. It was overwhelming how well wood ash takes away grease and cleans thoroughly. The next time I’d filter the wood ash to avoid scratches. Ash is certainly not good on non-stick (teflon) pans … which are to be avoided anyway.
    What else … I am a big fan of the benefits one can get from applying neem. So there was a time when I wiped the floor with kind of a neem tea (neem decoction). Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal.
    Same goes to coconut oil that is doing a great job (if I take the time to let it) on my all natural bamboo flooring. It’s good on boots as well.
    My chemistry (and biology!) teacher told us to clean the windows using newspaper paper. Well, to be honest I have never quite got the point. Of course I used warm water with the paper when I tried to do it — however, the results are just better when I go for plain hot water and using a leather rag.
    To clean bathroom inventory (tiles, tub, washbasin, toilet) I use whatever is at hand close-by like shampoo or shower gel. I hope that the products I’m buying aren’t too ‘chemical’. At least I assume that when I dare to put it on my skin, the washbasin shouldn’t complain either.

    01.27.16 Reply
  5. Tiffany says:

    make sure to do your research on essential oils. Not all oils are created equal, meaning not all oils are “organic”, “natural”. Especially order online or even at Whole Foods. If you smell the alcohol after smell, then you know it isn’t natural.

    01.10.18 Reply
  6. Brigit Rotondi says:

    Hi Eva,
    Thank you for this post. I appreciate healthy disinfectant and cleaning sprays. I really have a difficult with the smell of bleach.I have seen and used tea tree oil and found that as disinfecting and cleansing.

    01.21.18 Reply