Design Crush: Mixy Prints

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Anyone who knows me could tell you that prints are my thing.  There is something about a graphic pattern that I’m magnetically drawn to.  Prints are all up in my closet and all over my home decor.  And my absolute favorite thing to do with prints is mix them!  I call them Mixy Prints because it’s cute, ok?  It’s easy to feel intimidated by this design feature because you obviously don’t want to end up looking like you dressed yourself in the dark…or designed your home on quaaludes.

But it’s actually way easier to do than you’d think, and in my humble opinion really elevates the mood of your home decor.  When Kyle and I first moved in together and started decorating,  I could tell that my affection for mixing prints made him worried that he had somehow fallen for a deranged Bag Lady.  But of course once he saw it all come together he was immediately on board, with the design as well as with his beloved Bag Lady. (*Smize*)

Here are my tips for successful Mixy Prints:

  • Pick a color story:  I usually choose 3 to 4 colors and use different prints that feature those colors– and those colors only! It makes everything come together in a chic and not psycho way.


  • Make sure you vary SIZE of prints:  using a continuity of color but vary sizes in your prints make it look like you are mixing them on purpose and adds dimension.


  • Try tonal: I’ve seen some amazing print-mixing using only shades of white, or even just black and white!


  • Mix textures:  Nothing looks better than Mixy Prints that also mix textures.  It feels so luxurious and also makes your special blend seem more unique!


(Photos by Nina Suh for Love And Lemonade Photography)


Citrus tones + Grey in the bedroom


Technicolor flowers and sunrise stripes in the bathroom


Yellow, Black, Grey, and Cream in the office



Navy, Ochre, Gold & Flax in the Living Room


Feeling lazy? Here are two of sets of Mixy-Print pillows to revamp your bedroom or couch!  The first set features Red, White, and Blue for the Prepster in you, immediately followed by a collection of neutrals for a less aggressive design story.  Click through and mix away!!!

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  1. Hey! I’m your sister in laws friend! I love this room…the colors are so what I love to use in my house. Looks amazing.

    07.09.15 Reply
  2. Flit says:

    Do you have a patterned shower curtain too? I like an adventurous look for shower curtains.

    07.09.15 Reply
  3. R says:

    Just wanted to ask where the bedspread in the first photo is from. Love it!

    07.20.15 Reply
  4. K says:

    That’s because mixing prints is so much fun!
    There’s something about putting things together in ways that only enhance them both.
    Maybe I am biased from my years at Anthropologie though 😉

    07.31.15 Reply