Crafting a Fall Charcuterie Board

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Eva Amurri shares how to craft a Fall Charcuterie Board

Fall is such a beautiful time of year, and with back to school, holidays galore, and gorgeous outdoor weather, there is prime-time for gatherings with close family and friends. Safely, of course! One of my favorite things to put out at a playdate, cocktail gathering, or dinner I’m hosting is a beautiful charcuterie board! They’re so pretty to look at and make for a delicious and easy-breezy snacking experience. I’m more of a savory fan than sweet, so I like to do a board that is beautiful to look at, but also has a great mix of salty proteins, yummy crackers, and carbs, and some sweet fruit to offset the saltiness sprinkled in. 

This time of year, I make sure to select products that reflect the fall colors of our surroundings and to use a great big board as the foundation for all of it. See below for my tips for crafting a Fall Charcuterie Board that will delight your guests! 

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Invest in a beautiful board…

I have a few gorgeous charcuterie boards that I use in rotation whenever I’m crafting something delicious. A beautiful board really puts the snacking experience on another level…and you get to see more and more of it as people enjoy their snacks! For Fall, I like a board that features Wood and/or warm marble or stone. Whatever your preference, find a style that will pick up on the beautiful fall colors reflected in the fresh fruits and meats your serving. 

Marbled Acacia Cheese Board


This board is my current favorite! I love the tone of the marble, with the honed wood through the center

Jade Marble Cheese Board


This is another gorgeous option for a Fall Charcuterie Board! The jade marble is stunning. 

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Jigsaw Vibe…

When you’re crafting your “sections” of snacks on your board, think of it more like jigsaw puzzle pieces than a grid. The most beautiful charcuterie boards have an organic feeling to them, where the sections seem to flow in to each other. You don’t want them to look too perfect!

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Pretty Folds And Layers…

With the meats and cheeses, feel free to create some elegance with how you fold the pieces, or cut the pieces of cheese. You want the meat to be enticing, and the cheese to be mostly uniformly cut, so it looks elegant and not sloppy. 

Eva Amurri shares how to craft a Fall Charcuterie Board


It Should Feel Like A Snacking Adventure…

When you’re moving your eye across the board, it should feel like your taste buds are getting to go on a little adventure! Next to your salami slices, maybe there’s a little oasis of dried apricots…or a section of grapes. Place a delicious cheese next to some nuts that would pair perfectly with it! 

Eva Amurri shares how to craft a Fall Charcuterie Board


Don’t forget to add levels…

Something that really starts to make a charcuterie board feel dynamic is adding levels! Include 1-2 little bowls on the board to put nuts, cubes of cheese, or even an oasis of sweet treats. 

Eva Amurri shares how to craft a Fall Charcuterie Board


Do Spill And Scatter…

Let the nuts or fruit spill over onto the table. The edges of your charcuterie board should feel organic, just like its flow. This will encourage people to get in there and enjoy it, instead of feeling like an untouchable work of art

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Charcuterie Accessories...

Wooden Spreaders, Set of 6


This collection of cheese knives is so beautiful and elegant!

Mini Matte Latte Bowls, Set of 6


These mini matte latte bowls come as a set and are perfect for adding dimension to your charcuterie board.

Jacquard-Woven Napkins, Set of 6


I love these beautiful jacquard napkins! The colors are perfect for Fall.

Tortoise Cheese Knives, Set of 3


If you’re a fan of tortoise as I am, these cheese knives are darling.

Pino Wine Glasses, Set of 4


A charcuterie board pairs perfectly with wine! These organic, tinted glasses are stunning.

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Shop the look…

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  1. What are the triangle crackers?

    09.14.21 Reply
  2. Amanda says:

    Love this! I’ve been on a kick where I’m cubing sweet potatoes and roasting them in the air fryer. I think that would be a perfect and different addition to a fall board like this. I’m going to try it!

    09.14.21 Reply