Celebrating Motherhood

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Motherhood! How do you sum it up, describe it, explain it, or determine its value?  It is truly a priceless experience in every way– the most humbling, challenging, and fulfilling of all the experiences of my life.  Motherhood has made me cry tears of every kind, it has loosened my restraints, it has unbridled my heart and opened it in a way that I am endlessly grateful for.   It’s made me vastly more patient in some ways, and has lessened my patience in others– namely of the bullsh*t variety.  I could write you a list of the kinds of dramas I no longer have time for.  I feel even more connected now to other women.  I see their experiences in my experience– I know the love they have for their children, and so I feel that in some small way I know them.  Mothers are extraordinary– I have never met a weak one.  I am so honored to be one, and I am so very happy that there is a day of the year specifically designed to celebrate them!  Hooray for Mother’s Day!  This year, my own Mother’s Day is going to be extra special. 

As you already know, this year will be my last Mother’s Day as a Mama of one, and I plan on enjoying my time with my baby girl as much as possible.  My husband works on the East Coast, on the weekends, and has been gone working every  Mother’s Day since I’ve been a Mother.   This year since we are all together on the East Coast, he and I will get to celebrate together once he gets out of the studio– so that is definitely something to get pumped about!  I plan on spending the day with Marlowe just taking it easy and doing the things we love doing together– reading in bed, having a yummy breakfast at a local cafe, and running around together at the park! Then, when Kyle gets home we have a fun dinner and a movie date planned so that we can celebrate Motherhood adult-style.  Well, as adult-style as you can get when you’re four months pregnant and sober.  Wild and Crazy.

I’m also so excited for my Mother’s Day treat!! As you can tell from all the Gifting Guides I post on this site, I think picking out the perfect gift for somebody special is just the most fun thing ever– and Mother’s Day is no exception!  I’ve compiled a bunch of the goodies that I’m coveting this year.  I hope they help you pick out that perfect gift!






Photograph by Nina Suh for Love And Lemonade Photography

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  1. Sarah says:

    I was wondering where you got those super cute matching pajamas from?!


    04.29.16 Reply
    • Hi Sarah! The PJ’s are by Roberta Roller Rabbit


      05.04.16 Reply
  2. Angie Oliver says:

    Hola Eva! Just saw ur fabulous mom on Wendy. I give u props for handling the nanny situation so graciously…. that, in itself, takes a very strong woman. My son’s 36, but reading your blog, brought me back to those wonderful and challenging times, that only motherhood can take you. I’ll keep reading, if you keep writing! Congratulations on making your new world be so successful, including with your awesome husband. You are, both, two very blessed people….
    Angie Oliver

    04.29.16 Reply
  3. Regine Karpel says:
    04.29.16 Reply
  4. Najeebah says:

    That sounds like a great Mother’s Day. I am having a real dilemma this year. As one of the only girls in my family, 1 sister 5 brothers, I am the one who plans and executes all events. My parents birthdays, mother’s day, father’ s day, you get the picture. Anyway this year I am really not feeling it. I want to celebrate my mom, but honestly I’m a single mom of one and no one ever thinks to do anything special for me on this day. I make sure my daughter sends out cards and gifts to both grandparents and I cook a huge meal, something I love to do for my family, but if I had my choice I would go to the bookstore by my self and read and sip coffee. What do you guys think?

    05.01.16 Reply
    • Kristin says:

      I think you should take yourself to the bookstore and enjoy your coffee in peace! Everyone deserves a day to pamper themselves especially when they’re usually the one pampering others. You’ve more than put in your time and effort to shower your mother with love. Give some of that love back to yourself.
      Maybe your siblings (and your mom) will realize how much you’ve been doing every year when, for once, you don’t do it.

      05.02.16 Reply
      • Najeebah says:

        Thanks! That’s good advise. I will let you know if i actually follow thru with it or chicken out and do the same as every other year

        05.02.16 Reply
        • Hi there! I also think this is great advice, Kristin!! We Mamas deserve our own day once a year and even more than that! Maybe you can celebrate with your Mom on Saturday, and then celebrate your own way on actual Mother’s Day!

          Hope you have a great one!!


          05.04.16 Reply
  5. Mindy says:

    Love the phone case! Thank you for sharing!

    05.01.16 Reply
  6. Roni says:


    05.02.16 Reply
  7. Jessica says:

    Such a great post – thank you. I love reading your blog and with Mother’s Day coming up I think all mom’s are reflecting back on how far we’ve come as a parent and how rewarding and challenging that journey can be. So nice to know we’re not alone. Thanks for sharing and continuing the support! Also really LOVE the matching pajama set!

    05.02.16 Reply