That Double Stroller Life!

Eva Amurri Martino walks with her two children in a Baby Jogger Stroller down the street in downtown Westport

Many thanks to Baby Jogger for sending me this awesome stroller to try!

Going from one to two children means a lot of things, and chief among them is figuring out a new way to exist out in the world! Especially if the kids are both young (I have two under three at the moment), there is a lot of thought that goes in to all the various “gear” we need.  Two of everything! Or at least, a way to accommodate both kids, especially while outside of the house.  It’s hard to know which gear will be the best, most convenient or comfiest options for you and your family. And a double stroller is usually at the top of the list of “Musts” when welcoming a new addition. Well, I’m putting my two cents in now, because I have fallen in love with the Baby Jogger city select LUX!

Eva Amurri Martino walks with her two children in a Baby Jogger Stroller down the street in downtown Westport

Eva Amurri Martino walks with her two children in a Baby Jogger Stroller down the street in downtown Westport

Eva Amurri Martino walks with her two children in a Baby Jogger Stroller down the street in downtown Westport

Major Martino wears a denim jacket and sits in his Baby Jogger stroller

Marlowe Martino sits in a double Baby Jogger stroller, wearing a red and white hairbow and a cream sweater

Baby Jogger has been around since the 80’s, and was begun as an answer to the need for an all-terrain, convenient and comfortable stroller option for families that wanted to get out in to the real, rugged world and experience all that life has to offer.  They have since refined and perfected their stroller, and this newest city select LUX model is to die for! The best part about it is that it converts seamlessly in to a double stroller, with over 20 configuration and seating options! The seats are all reversible, so that the kids can sit facing out, facing in, facing parents, facing each other– whatever! It’s really a custom experience.  There is even a bench option for a bit older children who just want to hitch a ride every now and then (I think we are quickly approaching that age with Marlowe).

Eva Amurri Martino sits outside with daughter Marlowe and son Major in a stroller

Eva Amurri Martino sits outside with daughter Marlowe and son Major in a stroller

Eva Amurri Martino feeds her two children breakfast al fresco in Westport CT

When Kyle was putting ours together, he kept commenting from the other room, “Babe, this stroller is so cool! It’s so easy to put together!” and then a few minutes later I just heard a drawn out “Whoaaaa. Cool.” LOL! I can safely say Kyle hasn’t had any personal opinions about a stroller before this.  And he’s right.  The stroller (pictured in “Granite”) is super compact, easy to throw in the trunk, and really simple to assemble.  Plus, we are both super impressed by the all-terrain wheels that don’t require pumped air like some jogging strollers do.

Marlowe Martino sits at an outdoor table in Westport Connecticut to eat breakfast

Eva Amurri Martino feeds her two children breakfast al fresco in Westport CT

Eva Amurri Martino feeds her two children breakfast al fresco in Westport CT

My own favorite features are the easily accessible deceleration break, the fact that the parking break is on the handle instead of the wheels (how many times have you accidentally kicked your stroller’s parking break while walking? Me: a zillion), the extended UV50+ canopies, the five-point safety harnesses (much comfier for the kids than other stroller straps I’ve used), and last but not least the big underneath basket! I really love this stroller, guys.

Marlowe Martino check on little brother, Major, in his stroller.

The idea of leaving the house with the kids can be overwhelming.  Recently I’ve been inspired by the city select LUX to do some adventuring in our town and to take advantage of the new summer weather!  It makes going out with both the kids much easier than it has in the past.  I like to take both kids for a little walk and breakfast in town before dropping Lowie off at school.  Then I pop her seat off and make it a one-baby stroller for Major, and he and I get to spend some quality time just the two of us.  And Mama gets to buy a second coffee and drink it in (slightly increased) peace.  Ha!

Eva Amurri Martino takes her convertible Baby Jogger stroller to get coffee with her youngest child

Eva Amurri Martino hangs out with son Major at an outdoor cafe

Eva Amurri Martino hangs out with son Major at an outdoor cafe

When it comes down to it, I’m realizing that as a Mom I really respond to baby products that adjust to OUR lifestyle.  I like companies that realize how unique and individual families, parenting styles, and lifestyles are– and are ready to accommodate what makes life easiest for them in that uniqueness.  Have you guys tried the Baby Jogger city select LUX? Let me know how you like it in the comments below!

I’m also so curious about how other families have configured their city select LUX– please share in the comments for a chance to win $100!

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Eva Amurri Martino walks with her two children in a Baby Jogger Stroller down the street in downtown Westport


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  1. Julie says:

    I’m 7 weeks along with my second so I’m going to be needing a double stroller in the near future! Putting this one on my list to try 🙂

  2. Rachel M says:

    While I don’t have kids yet, I spend a ton of time with my niece and nephew (aged 14 months and 2.75 years). While my sister has a double stroller it’s side by side and literally doesn’t fit the door of her apartment or the regular elevator. Who wants to take a service elevator?!? She frequently ends up pushing two smaller strollers as if that’s somehow easier. Would love to surprise her with this, especially since more kids are in her future!

  3. MSB says:

    I have to try this stroller out! Pick me to be the sweepstakes winner!

  4. Victoria D. says:

    I have the city select mini gt and love it! When I have another baby I would consider this double stroller.

    Would love to win the sweepstakes!!

  5. Baby numero dos is due in September, and he big sister will have just turned two, so a double stroller is a must. I like the idea of multiple configurations, the ability to make it a single stroller, and the idea of a bench for older kids. I definitely need to test this one out ASAP. Thanks for blogging about this, Eva!

  6. Monique Riley says:

    I’m so happy you posted this blog! I’m currently torn between the lux and the original select! We are planning on upgrading ours soon, we have a britax b angle and I love it but we are thinking about the future and how nice it would be to add another seat! I’m also looking to upgrade my infant carrier to a convertible and I’m torn between nuna rava, chicco nextfit zip, and britax boulevard! Help!

  7. Katie Goetsch says:

    This stroller sounds awesome and I’ve definitely noticed it in your insta-stories!

  8. Erenn says:

    I have been looking for a double stroller (I have two under two 😬) and need something w a lot of flexibility and you said it-fits our lifestyle. The multiple seating options and sleek look have me sold. I will be purchasing soon. Thanks for posting!!

  9. Ashley Pigg says:

    I’ve used this stroller once (I was a nanny at the time) and it was great! I used older child facing out, and the baby facing toward me. It was great because I could easily reach both kids! I didn’t buy this stroller when I had my own kids, but there’s a part of me that wishes I had!

  10. Kim Wise says:

    We are adopting a baby and would love a great stroller like this for when our little one joins our family!!

  11. sarah says:

    my stroller was a side by side and I would have loved this front to back option!

  12. Colleen Shrout says:

    This stroller looks awesome! Thanks for the review very helpful and I’m sold!

  13. Natalie says:

    I do not have kids personally but I became a first time aunt 6 months ago. My brother would use an infant car seat on the city select LUX and when he has another baby, he can turn it into a double stroller!

  14. Maura Regan says:

    I am beyond the need for a double stroller. But when I needed one I was new to living in NYC and totally could have used this one! It would have been perfect for all the walking we did. My boys are 3 years apart and it would have fit our needs perfectly.
    I love your blog and how real you are about parenting. It’s therapy for a mom like me that does it all. Thanks

  15. Jenn says:

    I have two kids 18 months apart, a double stroller is a must. Great post, thanks for sharing!!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Which stroller did you like better, the one above or the stroller from your Disneyland post? My sister is pregnant with baby #3 and i wanted to get her a double stroller for the new baby and almost 3yr old (the eldest is 7 and doesn’t need a seat). Thanks!

  17. Greta says:

    Absolutely love Baby Jogger strollers and we considered getting the city select LUX but ended up going with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller as our 4 year old is very tall and it can fit through doorways! I can’t sing enough praises for the ease of all Baby Jogger strollers! Love love love!! Now I’m thinking the flexibility of the LUX might be very handy…hmmm 🙂

  18. Ashley McInnis says:

    When the kids are super fussy they love whe I make them a “secret stroller fort”. Both of them are facing the centre, I find my daughter who is 20 months younger and about 10 lbs lighter works better at the front, and then I cover both seats with the stroller sun protector (I think it’s made by jolly jumper). It has elastic sides and is SPF 50, so it stretches over both seats and is sung in place. They giggle inside their fort and share snacks….and mamma can stroll and drink coffee.

  19. Ashley McInnis says:

    When the kids are super fussy they love when I make them a “secret stroller fort”. Both of them are facing the centre, I find my daughter who is 20 months younger and about 10 lbs lighter works better at the front, and then I cover both seats with the stroller sun protector (I think it’s made by jolly jumper). It has elastic sides and is SPF 50, so it stretches over both seats and is sung in place. They giggle inside their fort and share snacks….and mamma can stroll and drink coffee.

  20. Katrina Gardner says:

    Love this stroller, it would fit our 2 kid lifestyle also. Love the sleekness and the versatility. Keeping this stroller in mind.

  21. Chelsea F. says:

    I don’t have my own kids yet, but this would definitely be on my list! I’ve been babysitting for years and have had to deal with difficult double strollers, ones that were hard to manuever with 2 kids. This one looks to have a much better design than the side by side one I have used.

  22. Amanda says:

    So practical! Love that you feature products you use and have such a down to earth approach when it comes to parenting. Rock on!

  23. Alyssa Salinas says:

    We own the black city select double and love it for our boys. It’s perfect for Disneyland we flip the front seat around so they can both sleep comfortably in it while tilting back both of their seats. I also love the fabric super easy to wipe clean. It steers so smooth and easy to turn . It has even been through sand at the beach and it was still an easy push. I also only use this stroller at the mall because it can easily fit through the store aisles and doors.

  24. Sarah says:

    No kids yet but we’ll have one soon and would love to win!

  25. Nydia says:

    Wow! love the versatility and parking brake on the handlebar!

  26. Madeline says:

    This sounds very useful if you have 2 children. We only have one so I haven’t tried it.

  27. Danya says:

    I don’t have kids yet, but I have a handsome little nephew and the stroller thing is always a hassle! Having something that would fit better would be a dream!

  28. Denise L says:

    I haven’t tried it. Alas my babies are too old for a stroller. However, my SIL is expecting and they will likely have their babies close together. This would make a great shower gift.

  29. Mita says:

    I would like to try this stroller. I like this front to back option.

  30. Rachel says:

    I don’t have one but I do have a wide double joggjng stroller that is bulky. This one seems smoother!

  31. jillian says:

    we don’t have this stroller..yet! but its been on my list of things to review before baby #2 in early august

  32. Izzy says:

    You have adorable children. I’m not surprised you’re glowing in all photos, you’re truly blessed. Good luck with all! 🙂

  33. Lisa S says:

    I’m 10 weeks along with my second and starting to think about a double stroller. My son will be four when my second is born so although he doesn’t really need a stroller all the time we like to have one ready for him when we hit the mall, etc. I’m loving this jogger but curious to know how long do you think it will last you. The seat facing you might be okay for a infant but I’m not sure if it will be able to be used into toddler stage. Maybe by that point I won’t need a double stroller?? I was hoping not to have to buy one because I have three (already expensive ones) from my first and the thought of purchasing a fourth is draining.

  34. Lisa Brown says:

    It has been many years since I used a stroller; my stroller was not as modern with all the nice features of today’s strollers. It looks like a very good stroller.

  35. mami2jcn says:

    My boys are too old for a stroller now, but when they were smaller I had a side-by-side double stroller. I love that the LUX is so versatile.

  36. mami2jcn says:


  37. Julie says:

    I would love this stroller. I love the front to back stroller and this would be good for me to use for my son!

  38. Julie says:


  39. Ellie says:

    I have not tried this, but it would be amazing to use with my grandchildren.

  40. Elena says:

    This stroller looks so cool

  41. heather says:

    I have not tried this stroller out yet but it looks amazing and one that I sure would love to have thanks for sharing all the great information.

  42. OFG says:

    I’ve never owned one of these but I love all of the possible configurations.

  43. Maria Gonzalez says:

    My sister and I both got this stroller for our own baby and what we love is that we don’t have to buy a different seat for the second seat. So when she and I are hanging out, I just need to bring my seat along with the adapters and use it on hers! I know that with another brand, you have to buy a separate type of seat for the second seat so for me this helps a lot for convenience sakes. I also love the smaller fold! I’m a huge fan of this stroller!

  44. Amy Tong says:

    Love this product. So helpful for my family when we are out and about with 2 kids. Thanks for your opinion and review.

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

  45. Amy Tong says:
  46. Cynthia C says:

    My kids are grown now, but I wish I had had a beautiful stroller like this one when they were little. It would have made getting around a whole lot easier.

  47. Jessie C. says:

    I love Baby Jogger city select LUX goes from a single to double easily, so versatile and fits the need of my family.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  48. Margaret Smith says:

    No, we haven’t tried the city select LUX as yet, but after reading your review, I really want to get one for my sons. I love all the different configuration options. Thanks so much.

  49. Margaret Smith says:
  50. Chi says:

    I only WISH I had something like this when my kids were little 🙂 I would have customized it in every which way, I’m sure! Always wanting to try something new to see if it works better 🙂

  51. Erika says:

    I have not tried this yet, but it looks great! I have two kiddos now, and we’re contemplating a third.


  52. Vincent says:

    We’ve never tried it, but it does look to have a lot of good features.

  53. Kelly D says:

    I would have configured this with my kids facing in when they were little.

  54. Susan Smith says:

    This looks like a great stroller. I love that the seats are all reversible.

  55. Steve says:

    I don’t have kids but my sisters each of 3 of their own!! they would love to get this as a gift

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  56. kayla says:

    I’ve not had the chance to try it, but if i were to own it i would totally configure it to have my two year old facing out to watch everything and my 8 month old facing me so he doesnt get overwhelmed.

  57. CR Williams says:

    I wished I had a city select LUX to configure lol.

  58. Michael says:

    I would love to give this stroller a try!

  59. Dawn says:

    We had ours configured so they faced each other, it definitely seemed to make life easier.

  60. Dawn S says:
  61. Madonna says:

    I haven’t used a double stroller before.

  62. Prasert says:

    This looks like a fabulous stroller!

  63. Janice Cooper says:

    This stroller looks awesome and versatile! This is one to keep in mind and to recommend to friends/family.

  64. Rosie says:

    I would love to have this stroller as a favorite auntie. It would make a nice gift, too. I see more and more double strollers, but this is the best ever!

  65. Rebecca W says:

    I think that a double stroller would come in handy when you have small children. I just use a simple lightweight stroller for my one year old. She loves being outside!

  66. maureenlynn waldrip says:

    Wow! Really perfect.

  67. Birdie Skolfield says:

    I like the 4 wheels on the stroller it make it so much more stable/ safer for mom & child

  68. Latanya says:

    we do not have that type of stroller

  69. Nickie says:

    This stroller looks amazing. My stroller was upright and not as many options

  70. Jennai says:

    I am only a few months along, so I haven’t bought a stroller yet, but this looks like a good one!

  71. Kerry says:

    Wow – this looks so convenient!

  72. Lindsay S says:

    We’re expecting our second in the spring and a double stroller is at the top of my list of New Gear Essentials with Two! Thanks for the recommendation!

  73. Tamara says:

    Well, I don’t have a city select LUX like you do, but it looks like a masterpiece of a stroller. Looks like an excellent choice to get one of those.
    westiemks5 at yahoo dot com

  74. Debbie B says:

    Looks like a great stroller – would have been great to have when my kids were little

  75. C Elizabeth says:

    I have one on the way and this would be so helpful with the older two.

  76. Ricky B says:

    our kids are grown so we have not had to try the Baby Jogger city select LUX but it definitely sounds like a great gift to get friends/family who are expecting. #Sweeps #SweepstakesEntry

  77. Betty Curran says:

    Unfortunately, my children were all past the stroller stage when this product arrived on the market. I sure wish it had been around when my children were small. I will definitely be considering it when the grandchildren start having children of their own.

  78. Betty Curran says:
  79. Stephanie Phelps says:

    We have only configured ours in the rear facing but so cool it can do so much more!

  80. Stephanie Phelps says:
  81. linda says:

    I would love to give this a stroller a try

  82. Kathy Persons says:

    I love the multiple seating options and I would probably have the infant facing me most of the time

  83. Thomas Murphy says:

    I have not tried the city select LUX but it looks awesome!

  84. Emily N. says:

    I haven’t used it but I love the looks of the stroller.

  85. Tabathia B says:

    I have never tried the Baby Jogger city select LUX but I like how it handles two kids

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  86. Tabathia B says:

    tweet https://twitter.com/ChelleB36/status/903090008751558656

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  87. Bert Ruiz says:

    we have not had a need for a stroller in about 6 years but this will be changing in about a month or so, I’ll have to look into this model #SweepstakesEntry

  88. Bert Ruiz says:
  89. Jessica Beard says:

    I have not tried this double stroller yet, but it looks wonderful! I love that it has the parking break on the handle! I am going to look into it now that I have two little ones that need to ride in a stroller sometimes.

  90. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I base my choice of stroller on several factors,and basically safety is the most important factor, especially the brakes.

  91. Jerry Marquardt says:
  92. Kathryn C says:

    #SweepstakesEntry #Sweeps – comment

    I have not tried it as I have no children myself but this looks like a spectacular gift for a baby shower

  93. Kathryn C says:

    my #SweepstakesEntry #Sweeps tweet:

  94. Tina W says:

    I think this is brilliant, wish they would have been available when I was in need. Less ‘stuff’ cluttering up the car/house, and better in the long run with fewer older strollers ending up in the landfills.

  95. Terry says:

    I don’t have one of these strollers as my kids are grown but this is truly something I wished I had when my kids were little.

  96. Terry says:


  97. A good stroller is a vital piece of equipment for parents to have. A baby stroller can keep your baby safe, offer a comfortable seat to take naps or play with toys. Generally, baby strollers come in different sizes, styles, variations and features. I have A stroller and a car seat for my baby.