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Eva Amurri Martino of lifestyle and motherhood blog Happily Eva After drives her black Chrysler pacifica on the road in Connecticut while two year old daughter Marlowe looks on

The time has come!  The time to get serious about owning a car that’s absolutely perfect for our growing family.  And what could be more perfect than the Pacifikids-approved Chrysler Pacifica?! I must admit, I’d been salivating at the ads for the Pacifica for a while.  The Pacifikids are beyond adorable of course, but Kyle and I would watch the Pacifica ads and be amazed by all the incredible features (Hello, Self Park! Hello, Bucket Seats! Hello, Dual Touchscreens! Hello, attached Vacuum Cleaner for Toddler messes!), not to mention the super sleek and luxurious design.  But I am shocked and giddy to report that the car is actually better in person.  When does that ever happen?!

Eva Amurri Martino is pictured at nine months pregant, holding daughter Marlowe in front of her black Chrysler Pacifica


Marlowe Martino pictured wearing a leopard print sweatshirt and black leggings, surrounded by Autumn leaves

Eva Amurri Martino pictured at nine months pregnant, lifting daughter Marlowe in to the air

Eva Amurri Martino drives her black Chrysler Pacifica with daughter Marlowe in the car

Eva Amurri Martino of lifestyle and Motherhood blog Happily Eva After driving her black Chrysler Pacifica wearing a blue cardigan and white tshirt

Marlowe Martino pictured sitting in a black chrysler pacifica

About a month ago, with baby Major due at any moment, we decided that we had had enough of reaching over the seat in our SUV to put Marlowe in her car seat, not to mention the lack of space with two car seats.  It was time for a change.  Now that we live in the suburbs, we spend a ton of time in our car.  Comfort is key for us, and it’s important to us that our kids are happy in the car as well! I think we have all endured the wrath of a car-unhappy child and let me just say it is not an experience I’m dying to recreate.  The Pacifica is SO comfy and fun to drive.  The sound system is great, the media options are out of control, and it definitely drives like a luxury vehicle– which is Kyle’s favorite part.  Men and their cars! Hahaha.

Marlowe Martino hiding in the trunk of the Chrysler Pacifica

Eva Amurri Martino pictured using the attached vacuum cleaner in her new Chrysler Pacifica

Eva Amurri Martino pictured using the attached vacuum feature on her new chrysler pacifica

Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino pictured sitting in the trunk of the chrysler pacifica

Eva Amurri Martino pictured at nine months pregnant standing in front of her black Chrysler Pacifica with her daughter Marlowe perched on her shoulders

I’m happy to report that Marlowe loves our new car so much that it’s been hard to get her to climb in to any other car since getting it:  “Where’s Mommy’s car? I like THAT ONE.”  I don’t really blame her.  The weekend we welcomed the new car in to the family, we went pumpkin picking at a farm nearby.  The trunk was roomy enough to put all of our pumpkins inside easily, and we were even able to vacuum up the crumbs from all the Apple Cider Donuts Marlowe may or may not have consumed as a treat.  Actually, if I’m being honest, Marlowe at about three bites and nine-months-pregnant Mommy polished off the rest of the bag.  When in Rome!  I can’t wait to see what other adventures the Chrysler Pacifica takes us on as a family.  I can’t recommend this car enough for anybody out there looking for a little trade-up!  Stay tuned for more tales from the road…

Eva Amurri Martino of lifestyle and motherhood blog Happily Eva After pictured at nine months pregnant wearing a white Tshirt and blue Tory Burch cardigan


**Many thanks to Chrysler for sponsoring this post.  As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed above are entirely my own. 

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  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Eva!

    This post made my day! Ever since you posted on your Snap that you bought this minivan I’ve been researching more and more and I’ve completely falling for it! Thank you for writing about it and telling us more…test drive coming up! No shame in the minivan game, girl!
    Thank you!

    • hahah! No shame at all! (I actually will tell you that this is legitimately my favorite car I’ve ever had. Drives SO well)

  2. Sue says:


    You are too cute! I’m glad you love your new minivan. I have had the pleasure of driving my friend Christina’s Chrysler mini van when I watched her teens and for a minivan it wasn’t awful. My dear friend in Annapolis, who has 4 kids has had his share of Chrysler minivans. His father worked for Chrysler!

    Drive safely! Love to all of the Martinos!


    Auntie Sue

  3. Janis B says:

    Hi Eva,
    It has been awhile since you posted this (my birthday actually 🙂 but I’m hoping you can help. We are in need of a new car and have been struggling to find one that fits our needs. We have 3 out of 4 kids in car seats and finding something with the proper safety features like anchors etc for the 3rd row has been close to impossible. I have checked out the Pacifica and it is perfect except it is a minivan! I’m facing a mental block on that one. Did you have any reservations and if so have you overcome them?
    I can relate a bit to Marlowes feelings. My 4 year old came with us to look at the Pacifica. She literally cried when we left the dealership in our car. She is still disappointed everytime we leave the house and she sees our current car.

    Thanks for your blog and insights!!

    Janis B.

    • Hi! So honestly I wasn’t that philosophically bothered by the idea of a minivan. I’m all about comfort now that I live in the burbs and drive all the time, so it was kind of a no brainer. Plus (as you know if you drove it) it feels SO luxurious! We had been dealing with having marlowe’s car seat in the very snazzy Lincoln MKX that I had before she was born, and it was so annoying to get her in and out of it and just generally not the most family friendly. So I’m relieved! 🙂