Halloween 2016

Marlowe Martino dressed up as a skeleton for halloween, holding a green and orange trick or treating bag

Halloween 2016– our first with TWO kids!  I must say, I was especially grateful that Major made his appearance before the holiday, since I had been planning an assortment of family costumes since August! Ha! Marlowe has been loving Dress-Up recently (those Actress genes perhaps…yikes) and so it was no problem getting her to make costume change after costume change.  Even though I told myself I wouldn’t “push it” this holiday since I gave birth so recently, we did still end up having a super jam packed day.

Marlowe Martino, wearing a skeleton costume and orange bow on Halloween

Major Martino, wearing a skeleton Halloween costume at one week old

The morning started off with all four of us (yes, even Major) in Skeleton outfits!  Marlowe’s school had planned a really fun “Trunk-Or-Treat” party and I (like the crazy overachiever that I am) had signed up to be one of the “trunks”.  I’m sure you’re asking yourself why a ten day postpartum Mom would ever sign herself up to decorate a car’s trunk and hand out candy at a preschool with a newborn in tow.  Well…hormones, folks!  I had told Marlowe’s (super understanding) Headmaster that I wouldn’t be able to participate since I was due any day with Major.  She was like Uh yeah,  you’re about to have a baby– definitely don’t worry about participating. Of course then I gave birth, had a surge of hormones and emotions, and ended up sobbing to Kyle that I just had to do the Trunk-Or-Treat party or else Lowie wouldn’t know that I still loved her and would never forgive me.  How’s that for hormonal? Cut to me, last weekend, limping around Michael’s trying to scour the aisles for any leftover Halloween decor as quickly as possible so I could rush home to feed my newborn.  Did I mention how crazy I am?  Aaaaanyway, I ended up going with a Day Of The Dead theme, Skeleton costumes included, and the event was a TOTAL blast.  I’m so happy our whole family could participate and be there to support Marlowe.  She was just beaming, and was so excited to have us at school with her.  Hashtag Worth It!  It was also really fun to introduce Major to everyone at her school, and Marlowe was the proudest Big Sister: “This is my brother, Majey Boy. He’s a funny little baby!” Too cute.  Unfortunately, it was a freezing cold morning, so we were only able to get a shot of Kyle, Marlowe, and I together in our costumes.  It was way too chilly for the baby to venture out, and there was no way our Girl Skeleton was going to come inside for a photo op!  Major stayed all tucked up in the teacher’s lounge, intermittently snoozing and watching the Today Show on the TV.  I think he had more fun than anyone.

Eva Amurri Martino decorating her trunk with a Day Of The Dead theme for her daughter's Preschool's Trunk-or-Treat party

Eva Amurri Martino decorating her trunk with a Day Of The Dead theme for her daughter's Preschool's Trunk-or-Treat party

Eva Amurri Martino's decorated trunk for the Trunk-or-Treat party at her daughter's school featuring a Day Of The Dead theme

Eva Amurri Martino decorating her trunk with a Day Of The Dead theme for her daughter's Preschool's Trunk-or-Treat party

Kyle Martino and Marlowe Martino dressed up as skeletons on halloween

Marlowe Martino trick or treating in a skeleton costume on halloween

Eva Amurri Martino, Kyle Martino, and Marlowe Martino dressed as skeletons on Halloween

Marlowe Martino eating a snack in the decorated trunk at her school's Trunk Or Treat party

After Lowie’s party, I took Major to a pediatrician appointment.  I had planned to have time to change out of my costume, but saying goodbye to Marlowe took longer than we expected and long story short– I was that crazy Mom in a costume at the pediatrician! They were super cool about it at the office– at least to my face.  I wouldn’t blame them if they all had a really good laugh at my expense the second I left.  Also, by the way, breastfeeding in a catsuit involves a lot of interesting adjustments.  Let’s just say I was basically topless in the office for a good half an hour.  Trick or Treat! In other news, Major is already nine pounds– up from his eight pound three ounce birth weight– in under two weeks.  The boy can eat!

When Marlowe got home from school, she begged to put on her matching Halloween costume with Major.  She had decided that she wanted them to be Ariel and Flounder about six months ago and had been nonstop talking about it.  She was SO excited to finally see Major in his Flounder outfit.  I’ll admit that it brought tears to my eyes to see her so happy to share in something with him, even if it was just a themed outfit.  I got a flash in that moment of all the Halloweens to come, and watching them go Trick-or-Treating together.  I know they won’t be Best Friends every moment of every day, but the fact that they might be Best Friends for any moment at all ever just explodes my heart in to a fountain of puppies and rainbows.  It really is amazing how your heart just doubles in size when the second baby comes along.  As if I needed any more emotion swirling around in me than I already had! LOL.

Marlowe Martino and Major Martino dressed as Ariel and Flounder from the Little Mermaid for Halloween

Marlowe Martino and Major Martino dressed as Ariel and Flounder from the Little Mermaid for Halloween

Marlowe Martino and Major Martino dressed as Ariel and Flounder from the Little Mermaid for Halloween

Major James Martino, dressed as Flounder from the little mermaid for Halloween

Because Marlowe’s Ariel costumes was the tiniest bit…ummm…inappropriate for the cold East Coast Halloween night, she made yet another costume change for Trick-Or-Treating with Daddy! My Mom had gotten her the coolest Astronaut outfit while visiting Florida this Summer and she was so excited to wear it for Halloween! We loaded layers on underneath it, and Kyle dressed as an Alien to accompany her.  I actually also had an alien costume picked out, but I was feeling too exhausted and shaky to go out with them.  It had already been a pretty big day for me.  It was nice for Kyle and Marlowe to get a little special time together, though.  To go search for candy, Kyle took her to the street in Westport, CT where he grew up!  They ended up running in to a bunch of his old neighbors who were still living in the area, and it was so special for him to take his daughter Trick-or-Treating in his old stomping grounds.  I wish I could have been there to see them together, but I’m sure we’ll end up returning next year– hopefully with Major walking and carrying his own candy basket!  I feel so unbelievably lucky to have both my precious babies with me this year on Halloween, it’s such a surreal feeling!  I’m counting my lucky stars these days for sure.

Hope you all had a fun and fabulous Halloween this year!

Kyle Martino and Marlowe Martino, sitting on the steps of their Connecticut home dressed as an Alien and an Astronaut for Halloween

Kyle Martino and Marlowe Martino, sitting on the steps of their Connecticut home dressed as an Alien and an Astronaut for Halloween

Marlowe Martino dressed as an Astronaut for Halloween

Kyle Martino holding Marlowe Martino up in the air and kissing her



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  1. Dani says:

    AHHHH!!! So Fun! You’re a rock star for doing the trunk or treat! And those costumes are so fun!

    11.03.16 Reply
  2. Anaid Chrietzberg says:

    Your little boy is too precious! The Day of the Dead trunk came out awesome! 🙂 Congrats, mama!

    11.03.16 Reply
  3. Glenda says:

    Love all the costume changes, but especially M & M Ariel & flounder. ❤️

    11.03.16 Reply
  4. Carol M. says:

    Hi Eva:

    What a great idea the trunk or treat thing, how nice was that you could make it in the end, being there for Marlowe Im sure you as a Mommy dont want to miss any event in their children’s lives amd for you to make it there I bet it was a great feeling.

    Love the costumes and the photos of Marlowe and Major but loved the Ariel & Flounder ones. I always say take a million photos bc to have those memories in the future is worth it!!

    11.03.16 Reply
  5. Karen D says:

    Oh how adorable! Looks like such a fun day?

    11.03.16 Reply
  6. Malissa says:

    Love this post! We did a trunk or treat this year and it was exhausting! Kudos to you for pulling one off after just giving birth and it looked fabulous! Congrats on your sweet baby boy!

    11.03.16 Reply
  7. Nannick says:

    Your energy and happiness are infectious EAM. And what a wonderful school Marlowe has!

    11.03.16 Reply
  8. Leigh says:

    First off you look amazing!!! And your little family is just so precious!!! I’m so happy Marlowe loves her baby brother <3

    11.03.16 Reply
  9. Nichole says:

    I am also a mom of a little girl (3 yrs old) & a little boy (1 yr old) & I cannot put into words how unbelievably grateful I am to witness their bond. I too know they may not always be BFFs but I am cherishing this time while they are. My son thinks the world of his big sister & she is very protective of her baby brother. My heart swells watching them together. Congrats to you & your family.

    11.03.16 Reply
  10. Cat says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Halloween Mama! I was much the same way when my second came my first was “graduating” from preschool for the second time and I was NOT going to miss it. Even though it was the same as the year before and the year after I HAD to be there or I would be the worst Mama and she would hate me. I was exhausted by the time we were done and I think sister had an appointment that day too. It all worked out though and it sounds like your day did too.
    So sweet.

    11.03.16 Reply
  11. Donna D says:

    Fabulous photos. You r a super duper awesome mom. When u mention your heart exploding with love for your two little ones is exactly how I remember it feeling. ❤️❤️

    11.03.16 Reply
  12. Pam says:

    A. Your energy astounds me.

    B. You SO have that mama’s boy glow! I know it well.

    11.03.16 Reply
  13. Simi says:

    These pictures are darling! Such cute ideas! I spent little to no time doing costume research http://www.whiitelist.com/2016/10/halloween-3-memories-to-make-with-baby.html?m=0 when looking to make Halloween memories with my little one!

    11.03.16 Reply
  14. Halloween has become so much more fun with a little one. We dressed Mo up as Frankenstein. His nearly two year old waddle and the drooling from his impending two year old molars really took his costume over the top 🙂 Must ask where your catsuit is from, so cute.

    xx ly

    11.03.16 Reply
  15. Diane says:

    Best Halloween story ever!!

    11.03.16 Reply
  16. Natasha says:

    Ahhh…I have been a Mum (UK?) for a long time- my eldest is 22, twins of 16 and my youngest is 12. In all my parenting years, this quote-

    **’The days are long and the months and years are short’

    Sums it up. It flashes past, it REALLY flashes past. I remember being 14 days overdue with my son and I kept washing and rewashing his baby clothes just so I could see them on the washing line blowing in the breeze, I could then iron them and fold them and put them back in his drawers waiting for this love of my life to make an appearance…Now I’m washing his work shirts wondering what happened LOL.

    Your little family is a delight.

    Natasha xx

    **I’ve never heard this before but that is now one of my favourite quotes!

    11.04.16 Reply
  17. Kolyssa says:

    Cute! Love the Ariel & Flounder costumes! My 3 yr old also changed outfits a few times on Halloween, but my 19 month old only wanted to be a kangaroo. 🙂

    11.04.16 Reply
  18. So many cute and sweet pictures,i love it,must have been such a fun day,love the photos of Marlowe with Major and her as an astronaut,too adorable,very sweet 🙂

    11.05.16 Reply
  19. Micaela Argano says:

    Hi Eva,
    Who makes that adorable skeleton onesie you’re wearing in this post? Would love to wear it while taking my son trick-or-treating for his first Halloween (he’s also dressing up like a dragon!).

    10.18.17 Reply
  20. Wow! I am so grateful to get link to your webpage and see Flounder I made back in 2016 still trending and bringing me customers! Love love love your photos!! Is it possible to use pictures of Flounder in my listings?? Please please please???
    Hugs, Elena
    Creator and maker from Creative Design Props on Etsy 🙂

    10.08.19 Reply