The Happily Eva After x Masala Baby Capsule Collection!

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The Happily Eva After x Masala Baby resort capsule collection is layed out on a white background with an array of patterns in blue tones and a pop of color in the bright fuschia bathing suit

I truly cannot believe that the time has FINALLY come to introduce you to our Mommy & Me capsule collection for Masala Baby! I’m beyond thrilled to show you this, since I’ve been working on it for nearly a year– and I’m so happy with it that it has been absolute TORTURE to keep it a secret from you all! Masala Baby is a brand I love, and that I’ve dressed my kids in for years. I’ve even worn some Masala Baby women’s resort wear in the past! But since becoming a Mama I’ve found it increasingly challenging to find stylish and pretty Mommy & Me options to coordinate with my kids.  Marlowe and I love dressing alike, and we thought it would be fun to bring our love for prints and color to life with a resort collection that encapsulates both of our bold personalities.  We really hope you guys love it as much as we do! I’m talking about each piece below, so read away– and don’t forget that the collection launches January 29th at 7am EST, and has limited production– so make sure to set your alarm and snag your faves!

Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino wear matching masala baby tunics in a blue floral print from their limited capsule collection for the brand.

I first just wanted to write a bit about why I love Masala Baby as a brand, and chose it to partner with on my first collection– because I think what makes the brand special is something that the mamas out there will really appreciate.  As a brand, Masala Baby is incredibly supportive of women in the workplace, and of uplifting women across the globe.  Their team works to build partnerships with women-led organizations that provide sustainable work for their artisans– empowering many women AND their communities. I LOVE this positive message, and I feel it is manifested also in the brand’s application of fun patterns, lively color choices, and cuts of clothing that flatter girls and women while also remaining age-appropriate. To me, it’s the perfect mix of playful and classic, and I love that! Their cotton pajamas are also organic, and the fabric is so amazing that I’ve managed to pass down the PJ’s through both of my kids, and then on to cousins and friends, without them ever fading or ripping. I think when buying for our kids, of course it’s nice to have those throwaway clothes that are great for everyday wear and tear– but it’s also nice to have some special pieces that we truly LOVE, appreciate the meaning behind, and can pass down from child to child and keep in a box for future grandchildren. And it’s especially special when they’re pieces YOU CAN MATCH WITH!!! Gahhh I just love this so much.  Ok, here they are!

Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino wear matching Happily Eva After x Masala Baby tunics and run along the water's edge in Miami FL

Women’s Fringe Tunic, Mini Floral

The entire Happily Eva After x Masala Baby color scheme was inspired by two things: 1. Marlowe’s Blue Eyes and 2. The ocean and sand, which are both Marlowe and my favorite things about being in warm weather.  I love the mini floral print of this tunic that is almost like a liberty print, but so soft and subtle that it is basically a neutral.  The fabric is light and airy, and I like to wear it as a top, paired with white denim, a bright colored set of shorts, or even tucked in to a full skirt for a totally different look.  If you bring this on a trip, you essentially have three looks in one! I just adore the luxurious fringe tassel on the bottom that give the tunic that beachy vibe.  While we were in Miami shooting this lookbook, I got so many questions about this tunic daily! It comes in Women’s sizes 2-18.

Eva Amurri Martino wears her Happily Eva After x Masala Baby floral fringe tunic and basks in the sun in front of her hotel in Miami

Marlowe Martino wears a blue, floral tunic from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection, and denim shorts, and frolics in the sand and surf beachside in Miami

Girls Fringe Tunic, Mini Floral

The girls version of the Mommy tunic is identical, just cut smaller! Marlowe loves wearing it with her denim cutoffs to go grab lunch, or thrown over a bathing suit in between cannonballs and snorkel adventures. It’s even long enough for her to wear it as a little mini dress with bike shorts underneath! I love how we can wear the same tunic and either play up the fact that it’s identical– or wear it different ways to mix it up a bit.  This tunic will be available in sizes 2-12 years! (FYI, my friend’s baby who is 1 wore this with the sleeves rolled up and it was fine)

Marlowe Martino poses in her blue floral fringe tunic from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby collection in a hotel room in Miami

Marlowe Martino poses in her blue floral fringe tunic from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby collection in a hotel room in Miami

Marlowe Martino jumps and twirls on the bed in Miami wearing her Happily Eva After x Masala Baby floral fringe tunic

Eva Amurri Martino poses in the pool in her bright fuschia and gold flowered one piece bathing suit from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Women’s Halter One Piece, Golden Floral

Pink and gold: my colors, baby!! Since the whole capsule was going to be a sea of blue and sand tones, I wanted to do a bright swimsuit that would make a statement in the surf! Are you surprised I chose pink? LOL.  The flower at the heart chakra is to remind ourselves of our divine feminine natures.  I love that this swimsuit is both glam and functional– and to be honest, we had to work a lot on the fit! I wanted to make sure that the fit was flattering and flirty, but not too revealing. As somebody who has had nearly every breast size under the sun, the halter shape is supportive and can be adjusted whether your top is big or smaller! We also made sure the seat of the bathing suit is cut so that it lifts up the shape of the butt, and doesn’t hug in all the wrong places.  This suit is available in sizes 2-18.

Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino walk along the edge of the water wearing matchig fuschia and gold bathing suits from the HEA x masala Baby capsule collection

Eva Amurri Martino smiles as she walks up the stairs in the pool wearing a sun hat and a bright fuschia swimsuit from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby Collection

Marlowe Martino swims in the pool wearing a fuschia and gold bathing suit from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Girls Crossback One Piece, Golden Floral

The coordinating suit for Marlowe in this collection features a larger flower and a cute gold crossback.  Bows on the sides adjust the side fit of the bathing suit.  Marlowe is like a little fishy, and can stay in the water for hours!  I wanted to make sure that the cut and style of the suit would keep her comfortable , and is something she could grow in to.  Marlowe has had swimsuits from Masala Baby in the past with this cut, and she and I both love it! I like that our swimsuits are similar, but not entirely identical.

Marlowe Martino wears a pink and gold floral bathing suit on the beach in miami as part of the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby lookbook

Eva Amurri Martino shares a sweet kiss with daughter Marlowe Martino on the beach in Miami while wearing their matching Mother daughter fringe tunics from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby collection

Eva Amurri Martino stands in a floral ruffle dress in the studio of her connecticut home with four year old daughter Marlowe

Women’s Ruffle Sundress, Vintage Floral

You guys know that mixing prints is my favorite thing ever, and I just couldn’t get enough of this mini floral mixed with a more broad and whimsical vintage floral for a sundress! The waistband is elastic and drawstring for extra comfort, and the dress falls to just above or just at the knee, depending on height.  Floor length sundresses aren’t all that practical for me while running after the kiddos in warm weather, and I wanted to make sure I offered a dress that could be dressed down (with slides and sunnies) or up (with a blazer and heels) for different styles of event. It’s even bump and nursing friendly! This dress is offered in sizes 2-18.

Eva Amurri Martino swings daughter Marlowe in her arms while wearing matching floral printed dresses from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Eva Amurri Martino wears a floral dress from her Happily Eva After x Masala Baby Capsule collection in the dining room of her connecticut home

Detail of the bottom of the blue floral dress in the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Marlowe Martino laughs while standing in Miami wearing the fantasia dress from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Fantasia Dress, Vintage Floral

I love the idea of little girls looking like little girls, and not like mini adults! For Marlowe’s coordinating dress in this collection, I wanted a silhouette that was totally classic– but made more modern by the mixing of the floral prints.  I just love how this dress turned out, and Marlowe is so comfy in it! She is not the most princessy girl in the world– and this dress is the perfect medium between pretty and functional.  It is being offered in sizes 2-12 years

A close up of the detail on the fantasia dress from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Marlowe Martino whisper in her Mom's ear while standing on a banquette in Miami wearing the Happily Eva After x masala Baby collection Fantasia Dress

Marlowe Martino relaxes on the balcony in Miami wearing her buggy pajamas from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Long Sleeve Organic Pajamas, Love Buggies

These pajamas just might be my fave piece (but shhhh don’t tell my other clothes children! LOL) You know, as a Mom who loves coordinating my kids to me but ALSO coordinating my son and daughter with EACH OTHER– I had to make a unisex PJ! Marlowe is a tomboy at times, and loves the outdoors.  Her latest obsession: bugs! I thought it would be super cute to make a pajama with little beetles in an array of gorge aquatic colors.  Perfect for a brother or sister.  Since these Pajamas come in baby and kid sizes, all the siblings and cousins can match! Ps- can you spot the sweet heart detailing on them? Perfect for Valentine’s day and beyond. Pajamas being offered in sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, and sizes 2-10 years

Detail shots of Marlowe Martino wearing bug pajamas from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby Capsule collection

Marlowe and Major martino goof around in matching buggy pajamas from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Marlowe and Major martino goof around in matching buggy pajamas from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Marlowe Martino gives little brother Major a big hug while wearing matching blue bug pajamas from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Marlowe Martino gives little brother Major a big hug while wearing matching blue bug pajamas from the Happily Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection

Well, that’s all she wrote folks!! I loved doing this capsule so much that I honestly could have done about ten more pieces.  But hopefully I get the chance to do another very soon! Don’t forget that the collection launches on the Masala Baby website on January 29th at 7am EST.  We didn’t make a ton of inventory, just to warn! I appreciate all your support so much, and I can’t wait to see those of you that snag pieces wearing them! Please let me know if you like the collection in the comments below!




Eva Amurri Martino and Marlowe Martino walk together towards the beach in Miami wearing matching floral fringe tunics from the Happily. Eva After x Masala Baby capsule collection


Also big shoutout to Julia Dags who took these gorgeous shots, and helped me wrangle a four year old for a lookbook in Miami.  Best photog ever!

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  1. Kendra says:

    This collection is so cute! Congratulations! I’m thinking of getting my girls the sweet floral dress for Easter.

    01.22.19 Reply
    • CUTE! Yes marlowe will be wearing hers for Easter as well– I love that it can be layered with tights and sweater for that spring transitional weather

      01.22.19 Reply
  2. Lizzy says:

    Everything looks amazing! The dresses and jammies are my favorites. Congratulations on your collection!

    01.22.19 Reply
    • Thank you! Aren’t the jammies presh?! So relieved I can have my kids actually wearing them now! I was so scared to accidentally reveal them before. LOL

      01.22.19 Reply
  3. Erin says:

    Beyond gorgeous! I love it all!!

    01.22.19 Reply
  4. Lori Manning says:

    Love it! So cute

    01.22.19 Reply
  5. Emily says:

    Congrats! The collection looks amazing. I especially love the bathing suit. Gorgeous!

    01.22.19 Reply
    • Thank you! I love it too! The color is so gorge in person

      01.22.19 Reply
  6. Dawn says:

    Congratulations! These pieces are amazing! I love them all! ❤️?

    01.22.19 Reply
  7. Nicole Davenport says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I love the tunic with white pants. I might just need that for our trip to Laguna in May. What a perfect time to launch. It takes our minds off the freezing cold weather.

    01.22.19 Reply
  8. Diana says:

    Love this collection and excited to have the opportunity to match with my twin girls. I’m always saying I wish they made that in my size!!

    01.22.19 Reply
  9. Bogdana says:

    So cool collection. Love it:)

    01.22.19 Reply
  10. Tyler Anne says:

    Wow!! This collection is so pretty and fun!! And that bathing suit is everything!! It looks so flattering! It’s also great that it’s size inclusive! Love that! I hope I can manage to snag a piece! I have a feeling it’s going to go very quickly!! 🙂

    01.22.19 Reply
    • Thank you!!! It really is so flattering, and that was super important to me (as was size inclusivity)! xo

      01.22.19 Reply
  11. Molly says:

    SO pretty! Love the blues and the hot pink suits! Definitely going to match with my 5 year old daughter!

    01.22.19 Reply
  12. We love you Eva! You have truly inspired us and your inspiration also helped support some of our sources in India which we are very proud of.
    Thank you for this collaboration.

    Lots of Love,
    Dipali Patwa
    CEO l Founder
    Masala Baby Inc.

    01.22.19 Reply
  13. Ashley says:

    So cute Eva! Love the pjs and the dresses!

    01.22.19 Reply
  14. Julienne says:

    OB.sessed with every piece! Beautiful job!

    01.22.19 Reply
  15. Lindsay says:

    I love those swimsuits! Does it happen to come in a long torso? I have to have those tunics too! My daughter would love!

    01.22.19 Reply
    • I have a super long torso! and I am wearing a size S in these pics

      01.22.19 Reply
  16. Lorrie Fontana says:

    Where do I begin!!!! LOVE this capsule! Gorgeous prints! I wish my daughter was still little. I also love the pics, you both looked perfect and it looks like you were having a great time? Marlowe is always a beautiful little cutie but there was a couple of pictures that were so extra amazing. Congratulations on your capsule, I know this will be a first of many?

    01.22.19 Reply
  17. Amy says:

    Love love love!!! The tags are even adorable in the pieces. I so want the matching fringe tops for our late summer vacay!

    01.22.19 Reply
  18. Brenda says:

    Congratulations on your adorable collection! I’ll be following for all your cute things!

    01.22.19 Reply
  19. Megan Taylor says:

    Love this!!!!

    01.22.19 Reply
  20. Bridget says:

    Obsessed. I feel like I want to buy the entire collection but for next years sizes when my 6 month old is moving and grooving and not in my arms. This is such a sweet collection and not in a trying to hard way for mommy and me!! Fantastic job!! xx

    01.22.19 Reply
  21. Katie G says:

    Congratulations. I am in LOVE with all of these pieces. Love the colors. Perfect for spring and summer! I def want to check them out for my 2 yr old daughter and I. Please tell me you’ll have an in person launch party! (I am just over the CT border in NY)
    Do you know what the price points will be? I need to prepare my wallet since I said I was going to try not to do unnecessary shopping after Christmas season for a while. Oooops.

    01.22.19 Reply
  22. Suzie says:

    so adorable! congrats on this great collection!!

    01.22.19 Reply
  23. Andra says:

    These pieces are fantastic! I live an hour north of Miami so this “resort wear” is perfect for us year round ?.

    01.22.19 Reply
    • Ahhhh I’m SO jealous of you but so happy that this is the perf collection for you! 😉

      01.22.19 Reply
  24. Jennifer says:

    These pieces are the cutest!! I have wanted to get some Mommy and me pieces for my 3 year old and me for some time now, and I finally found what I want. The fringe tunic is my absolute favorite!

    01.22.19 Reply
  25. Casey Kropelin says:

    How adorable!! I love all the pieces!! I wish I had a girl for the little dress the cut is soooo cute! I may have to buy the jammies so I can match with my son! ?

    01.22.19 Reply
  26. Jessica B says:

    Beautiful pieces!!!!

    01.22.19 Reply
  27. Jaclyn says:

    Gorgeous pics and gorgeous outfits. Love love! I can’t wait to match with my little Florida girl as well in those swimsuits. So excited for your line and congratulations! 🙂

    01.22.19 Reply
  28. Susan says:

    Want all of it! For both myself and my 2 year old. Especially on a freezing day like today.

    01.22.19 Reply
  29. Jessica Stoller says:

    you did an incredible job!! love all these pieces!

    01.22.19 Reply
  30. Tracy Moore says:

    Love your collection! Makes me wish I had a little girl to match with!

    01.22.19 Reply
  31. Prudence Bailey says:

    Love the collection!! Bravo!! I am so getting Olivia and me the bathing suits!! Xx

    01.22.19 Reply
  32. Jane says:

    Love your new line. Prints are beautiful. Love following you and your adorable family! Good luck to you!

    01.22.19 Reply
  33. Hope says:

    Love, love, live!! Super cute. Congratulations! Where can I get??

    01.26.19 Reply
  34. Margo Tomsey says:

    I ordered promptly at 7am! These pieces are so fresh and make me yearn for spring!
    Congrats on a beautiful collection. HUZZAH ??‍♀️

    01.29.19 Reply