Motivational Mondays: Taking Family Time



Welcome to Motivational Mondays in March! This month I wanted to do something a little different by sharing various ways I’m staying motivated in specific areas each week. In January, I set some intentions for ways I wanted to do better in 2016. Then, last month, I had a really interesting experience with Psychic Medium Chris Medina. He is an intuitive as well as having the ability to call forth messages from people who have passed on. We sat together for an hour or so, and I really connected with him and the messages he felt inclined to share with me– we also shared a lot of laughs! Overall, Chris really encouraged me to trust my instincts and to go forward boldly in to what he described as a “transformative” period of my life.

In the spirit of that, I felt motivated to revisit my New Years Resolutions and really focus on specific ways that I can achieve my goals! Stay tuned here each Monday in March for something new…


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Photographs by Nina Suh for Love And Lemonade Photography

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  1. Jill says:

    My daughter is 11, so maybe you can’t do this yet – but we love to explore Central Market downtown. We try all types of foods and end with bags of sour gummies or ice cream. How about taking an adventure to Grand Park downtown? They have 2 amazing playgrounds. My daughter is 11 and still “plays” on the climbing structure. She knows she’s too old, but can’t give it up. Downtown LA on a Sunday afternoon is super fun!

    03.07.16 Reply
  2. Thank you for sharing this, Eva! You set such a great example of balance and honesty and I find so much comfort in the fact that we are all just trying to figure it all out. You and your daughter seem like quite the unbreakable pair. You can tell she adores and loves her momma!

    You’re doing a great job, momma! After all, this parenthood thing is all about trial and error, right? We may not be perfect but we are present and we are trying. 🙂

    Sara P (from Austin, TX)

    03.08.16 Reply
  3. Greg Fillmore says:

    Hello Eva,

    That is a nice post. So right about each of our “i brains’ “, its the most depenedable hard drives ever created. 😉

    Fortunately I grew up in an area where the city works with the park service, lots of preserved natural areas where I am from.

    It is harder in some areas, where the park and or natural preserve planning is not the best.

    Just remember, and I share this humbly, humans have thousands (some beleive tens of thousands) of beingness outdoors, hardwired into our human dna.

    No technology that exists can replace the energy of being in the outdoors, even if it is a walk in your neighborhoods.

    My brain is like a night light (only when I sleep does it ‘turn off’), so for me mediation is walking with music with nature.

    Also I agree Eva, psychics are wonderful when you find a good one.

    It is an easier time to research whether a psychic is the real deal.

    For me the best way to test out psychics is to ask about a close friend in your life, as well as your goals (with that of course, be very vague and general).

    We live in a world of energy frequencies, your thoughts are similus to a radio antennae for a radio station.

    You ultimately have the choice of your life path, for me with psychics, with reasonable amount of consultations (quarterly works for me), they can help you clarify about your goals, life mission, as well as potential as well as future relationship options.

    Have preferences, not expectations, be with the moment, because discernment, nor meeting new interesting people should not stop, with potential paths from a psychic.

    Its fun thou, when you stay objective, and predictions come true. But you still have to be patient, while the temporary detours of life, are similus to the end of winter time (the time of less sun) which leads to spring, with the bloom of growth with others, as their spring is arriving too.

    For any of the men out there, some techno music from Marcus Schultz, as well as some Mary Chapin Carpenter helps me as I observe the spring time for me getting closer, but lots of neat learning a happenin. 🙂

    Eva, thanks for the superior blog that continues to help others.

    You are appreciated.

    Greg Fillmore

    03.08.16 Reply