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Can you believe that warm and fuzzy (and crazy hectic!) Holiday Season is already upon us?  I feel like I was just running to the store to buy Swim Diapers, and now I’m already thinking Holiday Cards! If you’re like me, your season is filled with a lot of celebrations and responsibilities– you need to get cracking if you’re going to get your cards out on time! This year, I’m so glad that Ink & Main Early Edition has launched just in time for the Holidays!

You may recognize Ink & Main’s parent company, Hallmark, as the makers of….well every greeting card ever! My memory box from growing up is filled with Hallmark cards– from Birthdays and Holidays, to Condolences and Get Well Soon cards– you name it.  Now they’ve gone digital with an early edition of their customizeable cards at InkandMain.com!  I like that the cards are as classy and feel-good as Hallmark’s have always been, but now I can add my own family pics.




Below is a picture of Marlowe by Nina Suh that I just adore– I’m thinking this is a front-runner for our card this year! I mocked it up on the Ink & Main site…what do you guys think? 


Since launching Happily Eva After I’ve become kind of a pro at navigating family photography sessions (Hint: may include bribery, trickery, and cookies).  Here are my tips for getting the most out of your Holiday Card photos this year:

  • “Just the kids” is OK. Don’t feel like being in front of the camera yourself? No biggie! I think a card with one big cute photo of your kid is so adorable and classic.  Try black and white for that timeless quality!
  • Naps and snacks before the shoot.  For everyone involved!  If your kids are feeling rested and full they will be happier in the pictures.  And if YOU are feeling relaxed you will look your most beautiful!
  • Candid moments can hold the most joy.  A perfectly staged photo is great in its own way, but sometimes the ones where every hair isn’t in place, but you are all laughing at something unexpected just happens to truly represent your family in a unique way.  Look for those moments that speak to who your child really is or who you are as a family.   Even if it’s goofy!
  • Bribe away! Promise a cookie, the iPad, a treat or some stickers if the kids behave.  These photos will last a lifetime and that bribe will last an afternoon.  I see only upside!
  • Make an announcement! I love getting cards with a simple pic on the front…and a surprise on the back! Ready to announce a new addition to the family, or moving someplace new? Try out a little surprise on the back of your card that will make your friends and family pick up the phone to squeal! Our Valentine’s day card was a pregnancy announcement the year I was carrying Marlowe, and it was so fun to get everybody calling with their reactions to the surprise!

What are some of your go-to picture ideas for Holiday cards?? I’d love to hear about them– let me know in the comments below!


** Many thanks to Ink & Main for sponsoring this post!  As always, the writing and opinions expressed above are 100% my own.  All brand partnerships and affiliates for this site will always reflect things or experiences that I genuinely like, and that I believe to be a good fit for my aesthetic and brand.    

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  1. Yahaira says:

    I love your tips. Gonna use a few, i.e. all of them (wink) at the next photo shoot. This year’s Christmas card idea came from my son’s school. Go figure. Turns out that at his school they get to go to Art class one a week. We got this 11×13 envelope with instructions printed on one side. Inside it had an 8×10 drawing my son did during Art class on card stock paper which had instructions on the top “draw what the holidays mean to you.” And draw he did. Ronin drew on every inch of that red square. On the envelope it let the parents know about the program and that we were free to order has many or as little as we wanted/needed. All of the proceeds go to funding the Art class my son enjoys soooo much. Added bonus, we’ve got our Christmas cards!!!

    11.06.15 Reply