Eva In Wonderland: The Clermont Hotel

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Eva Amurri Martino poses outside the Clermont Hotel in Atlanta

Last summer, I wrote a blog post about all of the pieces of myself pre-baby that I’ve recommitted myself to putting back together and reintegrating in to my life.  The only way I’ve found to stay committed to these treasured elements is by working them in to my life in a consistent way.  One thing I really missed was consistently reading books.  Last month, I launch the Happily Eva After Book Club! I’ve already selected next month’s book, and it’s amazing how much energy our group of readers has given me in such a short period of time.  Another thing on my list of joy triggers was travel and adventure! I used to explore the world so much more pre-children (I mean, didn’t we all…) but I truly believe that finding pockets of time and energy to explore something new is totally possible in my new Motherhood role…even if it’s not every day, week, or month.  

Eva Amurri Martino wears a flowery blue dress and looks in the mirror at the Clermont Hotel in Atlanta

My goal has been to go on a little mini adventure, or to spend time somewhere that I’m curious about, every couple months or so.  I recently visited Atlanta to go to the Polycor Marble Quarry, and turned it in to a little overnight trip at a really cool boutique hotel I’d been wanting to visit: The Clermont Hotel! I thought I would share some pictures and thoughts about it today! I’m calling this new series “Eva In Wonderland”, in honor of the creative inspiration these little trips give me. These posts aren’t meant to be reviews of the adventures, so to speak, but more of an assortment of photos, takeaways, and recommendations.  Plus any tips I come across. I’m hoping that sharing some things that inspire me will inspire you as well!

Eva Amurri Martino wears a flowery blue dress and looks in the mirror at the Clermont Hotel in Atlanta
Eva Amurri Martino dances around the Claremont Hotel in Atlanta
Eva Amurri Martino wears a flowery blue dress and applies lipstick in the mirror at the Claremont Hotel in Atlanta

The start, the most striking thing about the Clermont hotel is the super robust midcentury modern vibe.  It’s a style fantasy! I just love the attention to detail, the mix of prints and fabrics, and the total throwback feel.  It’s done in a way that feels retro and modern at the same time.  And everything is just super COOL.  They give you a PBR beer when you check in to the hotel, for Pete’s Sake! LOL.  The rooftop was super cute as well, with a very stylized yellow and white decor concept.  I even shot a blog feature up there about my love of yellow style items! I didn’t eat at the restaurant, but I heard it was delicious.  The most striking on-site feature, though, has got to be the decades-old strip club! It’s in the basement of the hotel, and is supposedly the oldest in town, dating back to the prohibition era.  I only found out about the strip club once I was in bed in my jammies, so I didn’t check it out firsthand, but if you’re in to that kind thing I would say it’s probably a must.  Another hotel feature that I thought was really quirky and hilarious was the sneaky two way mirrors in the lobby bathrooms! We were checking out the old-school design of the powder room areas, and noticed when we were taking pictures that you could look through the mirror and see in the bathrooms! LOL. It reminded me of some Pink Lady vibes from the movie Grease

Eva Amurri Martino sits in a floral dress in front of peony wallpaper at the Clermont Hotel
Eva Amurri Martino sits in a floral dress in front of peony wallpaper at the Clermont Hotel
Eva Amurri Martino wears a flowery blue dress and looks in the mirror at the Claremont Hotel in Atlanta

The Clarmont Hotel is in the middle of the really cool up-and-coming Poncy-Highland neighborhood in Atlanta– at the intersection of Downtown, Midtown, and the historical Old Fourth Ward districts.  It seemed to have so much energy, and was definitely an area that felt really invigorating and creative, with tons of young people walking around, eating out, and hanging out.  The whole trip, I found myself so inspired by the energy and the color stories of the hotel and its surrounding areas.  It really made me excited to head in to the colorful Spring and Summer seasons and to play around with color more– both in my wardrobe and in my home decor.  I probably won’t be returning to Atlanta in the near future, but if I ever did, I would make sure to have a cocktail at the Clarmont Bar to soak in its awesome style once again. 

Are there any cool boutique hotels that are a destination in themselves? I would love to hear your faves! Always looking for more Inspo!

The inside of the Claremont Hotel Atlanta
The front desk at the Clermont Hotel in Atlanta
Eva Amurri Martino sits in a floral dress at Clermont Hotel

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Photographs by Julia Dags

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  1. Alexis says:

    Most beautiful and clandestine boutique hotel I ever stayed in was called El Marques De Riscal in Elciego, Spain. The Caudelie Spa was divine. The food, countryside and architecture was unparalleled. A must for the next time you’re in Europe!

    07.01.19 Reply
  2. Maria Giarracca says:

    Love this new blog about traveling. We love traveling too and appreciate all the tidbits and gems about different places. Thank you for sharing! From one wanderluster to another!

    07.01.19 Reply
  3. Stephanie Bauer says:

    We love Skytop Lodge, in Skytop, PA! It’s in the Poconos. About an hour from us… so much to do, located on 5,500 acres! Inside is just beautiful- so much history as it opened in the 1930s I believe. It’s a four diamond resort! Check it out!!

    07.02.19 Reply
  4. Trixie says:

    Have you been to Boston lately? You can stay at The Verb, The W, Envoy …. You can see all of Boston/Cambridge/Somerville on foot in 1 day if you are extra ambitious and w/o kiddos. But during a weekend trip you can see it all, and drive to the North Shore and visit Crane Beach in Ipswich. Crane Beach includes a 1200+ acre estate with 4 miles of ultra sandy beach, 5 miles of trails and a giant mansion and property that includes outdoor designs from the Olmstead Brothers. You can eat at Sarma in Somerville, Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge and Time Out Market near Fenway! Have a drink at a beer garden in Seaport before beer garden’s can’t have a daily liquor license! The kids can go to Lego Land, Franklin Park (designed by Olmstead), and Christopher Columbus Park (located in the North End neighborhood, Boston’s little Italy). Boston is tiny. Everything is in a 5 square mile radius and I personally believe the traffic issues are a myth. If you spend 3+ days you can drive 2.5 hours west, and vist Tanglewood in Lenox! Summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I personally believe neighboring Otis, is the best place in the world! The Appalachian Trail spans 90 miles from southern Berkshire county to the highest point in MA, further north at Mount Greylock. In Great Barrington you can get real sourdough bread or pizza items, and desserts at Berkshire Mountain Bakery recently featured in the Michael Pollan documentary, Cooked. There’s also the fancy Crane Paper museum in Dalton! Western Mass has lots of lakes, parks and summering NYers! Finally, you’ll be near rt 84 and can drive home easily and without the stressors of 95. Plus who doesn’t love CT’s Merritt Parkway?! ?????‍♀️

    PS: avoid Harvard Square, Davis Square and Faneuil Hall areas. ?

    07.02.19 Reply