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“Eight By Eva” is a column to showcase parents that I admire.  Common thread? All these Mamas and Papas have a lot going on besides their kiddos! I ask them all the same eight questions, about everything from their greatest parenting challenges to the kid items they can’t live without. Enjoy a few words from the parents who inspire my life!
I couldn’t think of a better person for this first Eight By Eva than my dear friend Bianca Kajlich.  Little known fact: remember that saintly “pregnant friend” I mentioned in this People.com guest blog post? Yeah…she’s the saint.  Thank you, Bianca!!!


Bianca Kajlich
is a Mom, Wife,  Actress, and Podcast maven! You may know her from TV’s “Rules of Engagement” or “Undateable“, which is going in to its third season on NBC. She also co-founded the popular podcast “Atomic Moms“, which you can find on iTunes. Living in Los Angeles with her hubby Mike Catherwood and their adorable 15-month-old daughter, Magnolia, Bianca is a badass home-birthing Mama (we used the same midwives!) and an all around fantastic human. Here are her answers to my eight favorite questions:

1. What is the best parenting advice you have received?
I took a kundalini prenatal workshop when I was 6 months
pregnant with Magnolia. They talked to us about how our
children come into this world with a very distinct sense of
their own purpose. So basically, do your best to love &
nurture them, and then get the F outta their way.

2. What is your greatest challenge as a parent?
To experience the evolution of this incredible little human
being without drawing conclusions about who she is as a person.
It’s so easy to form opinions about our kids when we start to
witness their strengths or their gifts, or hell even their
shortcomings! But the absolute best thing I can do for her is  to
allow her to explore and experience herself without labels.

3. What’s the latest with your kid(s)? Any new dynamics? Funny quirks? Challenges?
Magnolia says “NO” to everything now, ESPECIALLY when we ask her for a
kiss haha. And I love it so much, it makes me laugh everyime! She says it with a
total twinkle in her eye and so you get that she’s totally aware of her power
position. But the best part, is like twenty minutes  later she’ll get all up in my
face and slowly lean in and dramatically plant one right on my mouth!!

4. What is your dream day as a family?
I love when we travel, just the three of us. We wake up early (duh) have
breakfast and then go out and explore. Its so fun introducing Maggie to new
places! Then we head back to the hotel for family nap time… those are my
absolute favorite moments, all snuggled up together!

4. Kid item you can’t live without?
I bought three toiletry bags at Target and filled them each with the most
random crap from the store. Like travel size bottles and toothbrushes and
crinkly things and light up things. Magnolia never wants her toys, just
whatever we have! And so I have those three bags by the door and I never
have to scramble to find toys when we go to dinner or on a trip. Just grab one
& go!  They are my airplane lifesavers!!

5. Favorite local kids activity?
The beach! We’re so lucky to live by it! I can’t keep Magnolia out of the ocean,
She just charges right in!

6. How do YOU unwind?
I make the hubby give me a massage! I also can’t believe how relaxing the gym
has become for me! Who knew!

7. What are your favorite beauty products?
I have the most incredible facialist Shani Darden, Eva referred me to
her! Every time I go I feel like my 20 year old skin walks out the door!
All of her products are amazing, but I love the  Hydra-Pure Oil free
, it’s so light and hydrating. I also can’t wait to finish
breastfeeding so I can start using her Retinol Reform, everyone raves
about it!

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