Joanna Garcia Swisher is a Mom-on-the-go.  You know her from TV’s “Reba” and “Privileged“, as well as the recent (and awesome) “Astronaut Wives’ Club“.  Her new film, “Fist Fight” will be coming out in 2016!  Moving her family from city to city constantly is just part of the territory when you’re a celebrated Actress who is married to a Major League Baseball Star (Nick Swisher!), but to do it all with a baby in tow?  That takes a miracle. (Or rather, a miraculously-organized Mama and Wife!)  In this week’s “Eight By Eva” Joanna inspires those trying to have it all, especially because one of the most refreshing things about this gorgeous gal is that she has a clear handle on what “it all” means to her.  Besides being hilarious, charming, and intelligent, Joanna is elegantly personifying the “family first” motto.  Below, she answers my eight favorite questions:

1. What is the best parenting advice you have received?
The best advice I have ever received is to trust your instincts and make sure to take care
of yourself, too! When I first had Emme, I was so focused on doing everything ‘right’ or
‘by the book’ that I forgot to listen to my gut and have confidence in that.
For instance, breastfeeding was really hard for me. Emme had severe reflux and I cut pretty much everything out of my diet that could potentially exacerbate her condition or upset her little tummy. In the process of doing that, my milk production plummeted. I was so
disappointed in myself– the guilt I had was overwhelming. After 6 weeks of solid effort,
my husband held my hand, and begged me to consider being kinder to myself and to stop the
constant guilt trip I was putting myself through. Once I stopped worrying about what I
‘should’ be doing, started focusing on what was best for Emme and giving myself
some much needed TLC, the joy and excitement of Mommyhood was limitless!

2. What is your greatest challenge as a parent?
Both my husband and I have very intense and demanding jobs. We both are so lucky to
be able to do what we love, and the journey is that much sweeter now that we have our
little family to experience it with– but we are truly always on the move. Last year, we
moved from Arizona to Cleveland due to Nick’s work– and I shot my last show on location
in New Orleans. Our latest adventure is setting up shop in Atlanta after Nick
was traded to the Braves! All incredible blessings, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t
stress me to the max when I think of what a little trooper Emme is. I’m always searching
for new gymnastics, soccer, or reading classes in each new city to make sure she is
stimulated, and still getting to do all the fun things kids her age love. Giving her a
sense of normalcy in our crazy little world is challenging, but I truly believe she will
benefit from this moment in her life, and hopefully it will make for a more well-rounded
little lady.

3. What’s the latest with your kid(s)? Any new dynamics? Funny quirks? Challenges?
When we found out we were having a little girl I was so excited I could barely contain
myself. The video my husband captured of the moment is hilarious: I began by asking if
the nurse was POSITIVE what we were seeing was NOT a penis and in fact a vagina. I
then squealed, cried, high-fived myself, and the second I walked out of the OB’s office…I
went shopping! I LOVE dressing Emme up like a little mini…it’s truly one of my favorite
things to do. I was warned she might not always be amenable to wearing what I have
hand picked for her, but never knew how sad and frustrating it would be when she put
her foot down.
If Emme had her way she would wear rain boots and target ‘Elsa’ dresses
everyday! She even has strong opinions about what I wear! She’s quick to let me know
if she isn’t impressed, but if she gives me her stamp of approval as I’m walking out the
door I can’t help but feel like a million bucks.

4. What is your dream day as a family?
Our dream day as a family would most definitely start with a huge, home cooked
breakfast. Then we would be off to some sort of little adventure. Whenever we are
in a new city or have some downtime at home, going to the aquarium, the barn, or
the zoo is tops on our list!

5. Kid item you can’t live without?
Since we find ourselves on a plane constantly, my arsenal of entertainment is pretty much
a matter of survival. I made Emme a little art kit that goes everywhere with us. I fill an
old-school trapper keeper with anything from Color Wonder coloring books to any set of
Frozen stickers I can find. She’s also obsessed with the mailman. So I pack little
envelopes and we make mail for the grandparents, daddy, and of course Queen Elsa. She
loves addressing them and putting them in whatever mailbox we can find when we land.

6. Favorite local kids activity?
Emme truly doesn’t stop moving (or chatting) from the moment she wakes up to
the moment she falls asleep. When we are in Los Angeles, Sunday trips to the farmers
market are something the entire family loves doing. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking activity:
I can buy all my produce, Nick can stuff himself with the best breakfast burrito on
Earth, and Emme gets down in the petting zoo chasing goats and bunnies. It’s really our
favorite way to spend a Sunday!

7. How do you unwind?
Well, I would love to say that taking part in some sort of yoga or meditation is how I
recharge my batteries. But the truth is, there is nothing that I love more than an amazing
meal and a few glasses of wine! It took me a minute to not feel guilty about taking some
time for myself. But I have found that a date night with Nick or a low key girls’ night is so
important for my sanity!

8. What are your favorite beauty products?
I am admittedly a beauty product junkie! I love playing with makeup and trying new
things. Obviously as I get older my skincare needs have changed. But I really do find that each
night I’m addressing whatever my skin is asking for. Airplanes can really get the best of
me, so hydration is crucial. Right now I have been indulging in an incredible Rose Oil by
. I apply it in the morning and at night, and whenever I need a little moisture boost. I also use Dr. Gross Alpha Beta peel packets a few times a week. They are a gentle way to
‘exfoliate’ without scrubbing your face. Now that I’m in my 30’s, I have been trying to add
a retinol to my regimen.  I LOVE Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform!


Photos courtesy of Joanna Garcia Swisher

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