DIY Ombré Heart Trees

Eva Amurri Martino shares a DIY for Ombre heart trees as an easy craft for valentine's day

As we’ve all sadly come to learn, money does not grow on trees.  But hearts do! Well, at least if you make them that way! LOL. I’m always looking for fun holiday-themed, kid-friendly activities that Marlowe and Major can participate in.  And Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest holidays of the year! This year I decided to make little DIY Ombré Heart Trees that we can display on our mantle and in their bedrooms to bring some festive cheer.  These were so easy to make and the kids loved helping– plus the hole puncher is such a great way to strengthen fine motor skills for little ones!

Marlowe and Major martino use a heart hole pumch to create the materials for a valentine's day craft
Marlowe and Major martino wear shades of pink and use a large heart hole punch to make materials for a Valentine's Day craft


  • Foam crafting cones, varying sizes
  • Pink construction paper (choose 4-5 similar shades)
  • Large heart hole punch 
  • Hot glue gun, with glue inserts

Begin by making your hearts for your tree! My kids loved this part the most.  Once you have several shades of hearts, you can begin your pattern! I changed it up and made one tree with random shades scattered throughout and the other in a progressive ombré stripe.  I love both.  Start gluing the hearts at the bottom (upside down) of the tree and work your way up to the top.  Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes before handling. 

Major Martino holds up a light pink heart that he made as part of a valentine's day craft
Eva Amurri Martino affixes paper hearts to a foam tree base
Eva Amurri Martino affixes ombre pink hearts to a foam tree base as part of a valentine's day craft
Eva Amurri Martino wears a vintage Prince tshirt and pink tassel earrings while completing a valentine's day craft with her two children
DIY ombre heart trees on display next to multicolored vases and rainbow decals on the mantle at Eva Amurri Martino's Connecticut home
Eva Amurri Martino puts her finished DIY ombre trees on the mantle for display this valentine's day
Eva Amurri Martino displays DIY Ombre heart trees that she made with her children for valentines day

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Photographs by Julia Dags.

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