Babe Hair in Half the Time

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Eva Amurri Martino shares her favorite new affordable hair tool for babe hair in half the time!

About a month ago our Director of Operations at Happily Eva After, Eden, came back to the office from maternity leave.  She waltzed in on her first day with her hair blown out and super shiny and immediately told me about the tool she’d found that allowed her to blow dry her hair in half the time it normally took.  She has super thick hair, and the fact that one simple tool could both brush and dry her hair at the same time seemed like the holy grail hair tool.  Also she looked amazing.  I was sold! She ordered me to buy it immediately, and encouraged me to film a video for the blog where I blind tested it for all of you.  This is the blog post now, ladies and gentlemen, and let me tell you– my mind was effectively BLOWN.  Without further ado, allow me to show you how I got Babe hair in half the time!

I’ve explained mostly everything in the video below, but I thought that this brush was really intuitive and simple to use– and that it really did cut my blow-dry time in half.  Plus, it didn’t wear on my arms as heavily as a normal blow-dry would. I highly recommend it! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this brush or think you would.  It’s insane what a great value it is at under $30!

Eva Amurri Martino shares her favorite new affordable hair tool for babe hair in half the time!
Eva Amurri Martino shares her favorite new affordable hair tool for babe hair in half the time!

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Photographs by Julia Dags

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  1. Biana says:

    I always love your tutorials!! You have great hair for sure! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    07.10.19 Reply
  2. Collette says:

    Amazing! Your hair looks gorgeous as always. I would love to buy this for my daughter as she has long and very thick hair and the idea of cutting drying time in half is very appealing. The link to Amazon.ca is not working for me. Could you please tell me if this by Revlon? Or some other company. Thanks in advance.

    07.10.19 Reply
    • Amber S says:

      I’m in Canada as well and had the same issue with the link. I did find one on the .ca site that looks to be the exact same product. Search “madami” and it should pop up.

      07.10.19 Reply
    • I hope this works for your daughter!

      07.12.19 Reply
  3. Nancy Velasquez says:

    Just ordered!

    07.10.19 Reply
  4. Sarah says:

    You know what else is great about this? It’s silent! When my kid was a baby I would have to take the hairdryer into the basement in the morning to get ready for work. Even now she hates the loud sound of the dyer. This could be super helpful in those situations.

    07.10.19 Reply
  5. Johana tedesco says:

    Just order it!

    07.10.19 Reply
  6. Carolyn says:

    I also recently started using this hair tool. It is totally a game changer. LOVE IT!!! My only complaint is that on the cool and high settings it is VERY loud. I have the revlon one. Love the tutorial. Keep them coming

    07.10.19 Reply
    • I agree it’s loud on those settings– though not louder than the hair dryer I already had. Maybe I just have loud ones!

      07.12.19 Reply
  7. emily says:

    Totally ordering this ASAP, what products do you use before you blow dry? A heat protectant?

    07.10.19 Reply
  8. Lauren A says:

    I have thick wavy/curly hair and this tool was life-changing for me…until it started to give my hair a weird texture and was causing breakage. But I don’t want to give up on it yet! I only use on the low setting, but curious what you do to protect your hair while using it. Thanks!!

    07.10.19 Reply
    • Oh no! Yes, a protectant is a must. See above for the one I like!

      07.12.19 Reply
  9. Have it, love it!!

    07.10.19 Reply
  10. René says:

    Tell me more about this Upper West Side Amazon jacket??!

    07.11.19 Reply
    • Ha! Did you miss this social media storm?! LOL. It was a puffy jacket that was super inexpensive from Amazon and literally every mom on the upper west side had it. You should google it because I think some bloggers did reviews of it. You can see exactly what it was!

      07.12.19 Reply
  11. Mariana says:

    Does the dryer work for short hair like a bob haircut? Thank you for all of your posts. I learn so much from you although my kids are grown up (20 and 18) lol

    07.12.19 Reply
  12. Lisa says:

    Just watched your tutorial and instantly made me go purchase! Can’t wait for Friday now LOL! Your hair came out amazing and you made it look easy. P.S. loved your renovations to Major’s bedroom and bathroom! Gorg! XO

    07.16.19 Reply
    • Thanks lisa! Keep me updated, I can’t wait to hear if you love the brush as much as I do!

      07.16.19 Reply
      • Elisa Parrish says:

        Eva! I loved this brush blow dryer! I’ve only used it twice. I did better the second time and definitely needed heat protectant spray. I usually use my flat iron way too much and just used a teeny tiny bit after for a few pieces here and there. I’m so impressed! Thank you for the recommendation to all of us! XO

        07.22.19 Reply
  13. Courtney says:

    I got this a couple days ago after reading your post, but I didn’t actually watch your video until now. Yeah… I definitely should’ve done that first. Haha! I have Marlowe-thick hair and made the mistake of not separating it into manageable sections (which didn’t save me any time). ? Excited to try again tomorrow doing it the smart way and see how it turns out!

    07.17.19 Reply
    • oh no! Yes, def separate in to sections! Hope it goes better next time xo

      07.18.19 Reply
  14. Libby Prakel says:

    Just bought it, used it and LOVE IT! Thanks again for your extraordinary beauty tips!

    08.01.19 Reply
  15. Melissa Hughey says:

    My sister bought it before I could! Looking forward to using hers 🙂 Loved the tutorial!

    08.05.19 Reply
  16. Angie says:

    Love this idea, but I always proceed with caution. I have thick and curly hair. As a child I got numerous brushes, hair devices and even toys caught in it. Did you or your director have any issues with your hair getting tangled in it? If not this sounds amazing!!!!!

    09.25.19 Reply
  17. Kendall says:

    I bought this after you showed it a while ago and i love it
    This long haired girl has started blowing my hair out more often

    10.06.20 Reply