3 Simple Décor Updates For Your Living Space

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Eva Amurri Martino relaxes on her updated couch design concept featuring a bold masculine concept

We all have moments where we have grown tired of our living room design concept!  Our living space is definitely where we spend the most amount of time, and I find myself craving little updates and revamps every now and then.  Today I’m sharing three simple ways to make-over your living space using really simple décor elements.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to feel like you are living in a gorgeous new home! Sometimes just switching out your pillows, tabletop decor, and the rug under your coffee table can make the whole room look different.  These three updates use the same light grey Sofa (it’s a Sleeper!) and simple metal and wood coffee table– with dramatically different results!  Watch the video below to see how easily you can make these changes!  Let me know which design style is your favorite in the comments below.

Mixed Prints

  • Choose a restrained color palette, and pick prints that contain those colors to create unity
  • Keep shapes simple and modern so you don’t overwhelm your space
  • Continue the playful vibe of your prints in your tabletop décor


Textured & Tonal

  • Create a calm and feminine atmosphere with a tonal design concept
  • Pick one tone and introduce intrigue with textures
  • Marble, lucite, brass, or mirrored tabletop elements flow beautifully in a tonal room


The Masculine Compromise

  • Coexist with your male counterpart by pairing traditionally masculine colors with softer textures and luxe materials
  • Black faux fur bridges the gap between bold and cozy
  • Add a spark with vibrant greenery


Masculine traditional tabletop decor

Masculine, textured pillows at weight to a simple design concept



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  1. Chassidy says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! This is one of my favorite things to do when the seasons change! However, I never thought to change the rug! That’s a great idea ❤❤

    03.27.17 Reply
  2. Stacey says:

    Mixed Prints!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    03.27.17 Reply
  3. Faith says:

    Would you ever do a post on spring cleaning tips?

    03.27.17 Reply
    • Hi Faith!
      Yes, totally! I usually do my spring cleaning in later spring, around May, so I will aim for then 🙂

      04.03.17 Reply
  4. Jamie says:

    I loved !!!!!! The mixed prints one !! So beautiful !! I’ll have to try in my living space 🙂

    03.27.17 Reply
  5. Alexa says:

    That couch is adorable! I was considering getting it for a guest room when I move in a few months–any word on if it’s a comfortable sleeper sofa?

    03.27.17 Reply
    • We have had a few guests sleep on it, including my mom, and they have all said good things!

      04.03.17 Reply
  6. Nicole says:

    I like your posts about interior design and decor. When people have a child sometimes they forget to also pursue interests of their own in the midst of raising them. I think it’s important for women to not lose their own identity and interests as well! I like the pastel colours in the mixed prints option, though mixing it up is a good idea.
    Also, in your Studio reveal post, the lamp shades are gorgeous (the blue, white and yellow ones) but the link doesn’t actually work for them, it goes to Westelm instead of to ‘similar’ lamp shades on Anthropologie? Do you have a proper link or the name of the lamp shades in case they are still being sold online at all? I really love them but can’t even find anything similar anywhere… ? Thanks.

    03.28.17 Reply
    • Thanks nicole! Whoops, not sure what happened there. I had found some watercolor-ish shades, though they are not the same as the ones in the picture. Anthro definitely no longer carries them (I got them over 3 years ago) but they usually have great shades so I would check in with them from time to time!

      04.03.17 Reply
  7. Mana says:

    The video says masuline instead of masculine fyi

    04.01.17 Reply
    • I know I noticed that like yesterday. Whoops. So it goes!

      04.03.17 Reply
  8. Jan Calipo says:

    Love your style. Great ideas. Cool table.

    04.06.17 Reply
  9. Amanda Byrd says:

    I’m loving your rug (from your insta stories)…grey/geometric. Where can I find that? By the way, love those stories! Your babies are so cute, it’s ridiculous ?

    04.22.17 Reply