Obsessed With…Leather Sandals



I’m having a love affair with beautiful Leather Sandals this Summer– and not just because they are probably the most comfortable thing a Pregnant Lady can wear on her feet!  There is something so classic and elegant about a gorgeous pair of leather sandals that instantly elevate any woman’s warm-weather outfit.  When I went to the Italian Island of Capri on vacation, there was a little shop on almost every corner where you could buy handmade leather sandals.  The smell of the fresh leather was intoxicating, and ever since I have looked at this type of shoe as the epitome of chic! Recently I’ve been noticing so many amazing options to buy to get you Summer-ready.  Today I’m sharing some of my current faves! Click on the images for more info and to Shop The Look! 



Photograph by Anel Dzafic

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