Hanukkah Gift Guide

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Hanukkah Gifts

by Eden Cale

For those of you that don’t know me, hi! I’m Eden. I’m the COO here at HEA, as well as a wife, a mama, a self-proclaimed physics nerd, and an M.O.T.; a Member Of the Tribe.

As Christmas takes center stage during the month of December, many Jews can feel a little left out of the celebrations, which is why I’m so grateful to Eva for allowing me the opportunity to share some Hanukkah gifts and Semitic cheer with you today!

I’m assuming you’re all familiar with the Happily Eva After Gift Shop by now…and if you’re not, what are you waiting for?! There are gift categories for everyone on your list, and promo codes to help you save money! However—for those of you that celebrate Hanukkah, (or have Jewish friends/family that you’re fresh out of good gift ideas for) I created this Hanukkah gifts guide that covers all of my faves from A-ppetizers to Z-ohar!

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy Hanukkah! Chag Sameach!

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Russ & Daughters' New York Brunch


If you’re not able to spend the holidays with your family this year, send them the best brunch they’ll ever have! This kit includes New York’s finest nova, all-natural cream cheese, hand-rolled bagels, chocolate babka, Private Blend coffee, and a Russ & Daughters mug!

Russ & Daughters’ Potato Latkes


If someone you know is a latke-lover, these will NOT disappoint. My husband is a pretty picky eater and he once ate an entire box of these in one sitting.

Big Fat Cookie’s Eight Crazy Nights Hanukkah GIANT Cookies Pack


Need a gift for someone with a sweet tooth? These epic cookies are 1/2 a pound each, and the pack includes:

  • 1x Quadruple Chocolate Cookie with a ganache center and topped with a Peppermint Pattie and Oreo
  • 1x Hanukkah Peanut Butter Chocolate cookies covered in sprinkles and topped with Nutella, a Big Reeses Cup, and Golden Hanukkah Gelt
  • 1x Sufganiyot-ish Classic Butter Cookie filled with Raspberry Preserves, slathered with Cinnamon Sugar, and
  • 1x Hannukah Gold Oreo with M&M Chocolate Chip Base with a Sprinkle Surprise and topped with a Big hand-painted Golden Oreo!

Hanna Andersson’s Organic Cotton Long John Pajamas in Eight Nights


These pajamas are available for the whole family, and will last year after year!

Rabbi Sandra’s חיי שחורים חשובים (Black Lives Matter) T-Shirt


I love this BLM shirt designed by Rabbi Sandra Lawson (who, if you don’t already follow on IG, you should!) She’s an LGBTQ Reconstructionist Rabbi based in North Carolina who live-streams her morning prayers and blessings, and is an all-around good human. The design is also available for all sizes and ages. Just select ‘Style’ and you can adjust for the giftee. I bought one in a toddler size for my son!

Gorjana’s Hamsa Charm Stud Earring


A cute, delicate addition to any ear stack!

Sugarfina’s 8 Nights of Light Candy Tasting Collection


Eight nights of Sugarfina’s famous candy, including Sugar Cookies, Robin’s Egg Caramels, Snow Jellies, Heavenly Sours, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Chocolate Mints, Mint Chip MilkShake, and Blueberry Jelly Beans. Just don’t tell your dentist!

Lele Sadoughi’s Jet Pearl Embellished Gaiter Face Mask


One of Judaism’s most cherished values is the sanctity of human life. In fact, religious obligation comes secondary when doing so may endanger life. Shmirat ha-Nefesh is a commandment that means protecting life, taken from Deuteronomy 4:9: “Be cautious with yourself and seriously guard your life.” So with that in mind, WEAR A MASK! This one is a Gaiter mask that doubles as a scarf for those who live in cold areas!

Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi’s Jerusalem Cookbook


What to get for the bubby who has everything? THIS! It’s hands-down my favorite cookbook of all time. The latke recipe from this book will knock your socks off.

RGB I Dissent Menorah


This gift needs no explanation. It’s on my list!

The Eight Knights of Hanukkah


As a Welsh Jew, who married a Scottish Jew, and now has a 2-year-old Welsh-Scottish Jew, this book makes my whole family feel SO SEEN!

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  1. Hillary says:

    OMG THANK YOU!!!! So happy to have a Hanukkah guide done on one of my favorite blogs! Unfortunately, now I have to go and buy everything, lol 😛

    12.03.20 Reply
    • Eva Amurri says:

      Hahah I love Eden’s picks too! So good! Glad this post made you happy ?

      12.04.20 Reply
  2. Robyn says:

    Eva, Love this post. so glad you wrote this post. Great ideas for Hanukkah. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for all that you do. Robyn

    12.03.20 Reply
    • Eva Amurri says:

      Eden wrote this one but I’m very glad she did! 🙂

      12.04.20 Reply
    • Eden Cale says:

      Glad you enjoyed, Robyn!

      12.04.20 Reply