Conversations With Kyle: Traveling Internationally With Our Kids

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Eva Amurri Martino and her kids Marlowe and Major in Rome

One of the biggest topics of DM’s and emails during the time our family was away in Italy was how it was traveling with our kids internationally.  This topic seems to be forefront on a lot of parents’ minds, and I experienced some super stressed out mamas as well who were gearing up to take trips of their own! I wrote a blog post a while back about traveling with toddlers, and there are some great tips for flying in there, but obviously adjusting to a mega time difference is a huge challenge with littles…as well as the cultural differences and overall logistics! I thought it would be a great topic to discuss with Kyle for our monthly series. 

I also have a special little surprise for you guys: after lots of requests for a podcast format of this blog series, we have recorded this installment! I’m so curious to hear about if you like this series in recorded format, so please comment with your thoughts.  Also let me know if you have any additional questions that we don’t answer in the conversation about traveling internationally with the kiddos.  I’d be happy to answer.  

Click here to check out the album from our trip to Italy, plus a full rundown of my must-do experiences, shops, and restaurants.  

Marlowe Martino crossing her arms on the Amalfi Coast
Eva Amurri Martino's son Major wears sunglasses in Amalfi
Marlowe Martino smiling on the Amalfi Coast
The Martino Family in Rome

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  1. Amanda says:

    Loved this format! I listened to it while I did my makeup.
    Also hearing you say you brought your nanny made me think I’d love a post about how you manage the nanny and kids when you travel and just when you go out. Is there a set itinerary you give her that says these days and times you will have the kids? I don’t have a nanny but I have a couple of babysitters that we use consistently and I struggle with the transition of me leaving/them taking over. Also I almost feel at times it’s more work when I have someone keep the kids because I am trying to make everything easy and flow for them while I’m gone. What is and isn’t okay to ask them to do? Do you ask them to help with homework or make dinner? The struggle is real!

    07.31.19 Reply
    • Thanks!
      So re: your question– it’s sounds like (and trust me this comes from a zero judgement place, it was hard for me to learn also) you have to let go a bit more when it comes to accepting the help for your kiddos! A babysitter can’t truly help you if you don’t let them do the care their own way– of course within your guidelines and listening to your needs and boundaries, but without micromanaging. THis will allow you to truly relax and enjoy the paid time off. Also, in terms of job expectations with a nanny or sitter, this is really up to you and depends on what will truly help YOU. Both of the examples you mentioned are totally within a nanny job description, and it”S best when hiring to share your full expected job description up front. All of the tasks the job might entail. Make sure you have a serious conversation about whether those tasks are something that she is comfortable performing, and has experience with. You CAN find somebody who is a great fit for your needs, and don’t settle for less! xo

      08.01.19 Reply
      • Amanda says:

        Thanks! Maybe you can do a conversations with your nanny podcast next lol. It would also be helpful to hear from someone who works with kids in that manner what they like/don’t like/expect.

        08.01.19 Reply
  2. Emilie says:

    Loved the podcast format!!

    07.31.19 Reply
  3. Amanda says:

    I loved this!! You guys are so fun to listen too! Please please do more of these in pod cast form 🙂

    07.31.19 Reply
  4. Kristin says:

    Really like this format, please do more! We are taking our 1 year old on her second vacation this weekend to South Carolina. On our long car ride, my husband and plan to map out our 2020 vacation plans.

    I’m seriously considering the Italian coast as an option next year. Definitely taking into consideration the points you guys brought up – especially the one about limiting transitions.

    Do you think you could have done the trip with a 2 year old? Our girl is really chill and rolls with most punches but I am worried if she’ll be too young to handle the travel and change of pace. We would probably only be able to manage a week with my husband’s schedule and I’m not sure if we will have potty training down by then either.

    07.31.19 Reply
    • Major is two! He did great! I think in between 12-18 months would be a challenge because a true toddler is a little tricky for lots of travel. But otherwise I would say go for it!

      08.01.19 Reply
  5. Bronwen says:

    Do we have any cookies? was my favorite part! LOL. Loved the new format, it felt like we were hanging out with you in your kitchen chatting with a glass of wine.

    07.31.19 Reply
    • LOL.That’s my husband for you! My third child!

      08.01.19 Reply
  6. Stephanie says:

    Love, love, love this format! And love conversations with Kyle. Please keep ‘em coming! ???

    07.31.19 Reply
  7. Brigit says:

    Hi guy’s, Loved the podcast format. It was great. I really like how you gave tips for people with children on vacation and, what you may have done differently with the stroller for walking. I like how you helped them acclimate to the time difference and, told them the chefs cant make like chicken nuggets and finger foods to try to get them to experience eating different foods. You all looked like you had so much fun. Great interview. I think Kyle was right as well about changing residence as little as possible while on vacation with kids ?

    07.31.19 Reply
  8. Kelli janczewski says:

    Loved the podcast of your trip!!!

    08.01.19 Reply
  9. Alyssa Trad says:

    I love the podcast version! Also I would love to hear more about how you manage the relationship with your nanny. How have you built a relationship with her to make her a part of your family and not just an employee. If you do this topic it would be great to hear from both you and Kyle. Thank you for a great post!

    08.01.19 Reply
    • Hi! Thanks for this topic suggestion! I actually have gotten a lot of similar requests so I think I will do a blog post about it– Kyle actually doesn’t have much to do with our nanny in terms of relationship building etc if that makes sense. Of course they have a really nice relationship but it’s more me setting boundaries and communicating daily . So he may not be the best person to ask. But I will see what he thinks about it also!

      08.01.19 Reply
  10. Deb Reed says:

    Love you both!

    08.01.19 Reply
  11. Suzie says:

    Love the new format! It’s fun to hear you guys! That trip sounded so fun! I haven’t taken my kids on a big family trip yet… current they are 2 years old and 2 months old but I have big ideas for the future! You give me hope that it can be done and everyone can still stay sane 🙂

    08.02.19 Reply
  12. Erica says:

    Love the podcast format and tips. I am a big advocate of traveling with kids. We took our then 3 and 1.5 year olds to Greece last summer and had the same thing happen to our sound machine. Word of warning to American parents, leave the noise machines at home if you go abroad, your kids will be ok without them 🙂

    08.06.19 Reply
  13. Glenda says:

    Your 3rd child lol
    Loved this format.
    Definitely roll with the punches. Kids adapt quicker than most adults.

    08.07.19 Reply
  14. MS says:

    I think even if Marlowe and Major don’t remember the trip or some of the details (and maybe they will. Who knows. Time will tell) but they will definately remember the feel of the trip. The feel of the joy and cozy crazy fun family time. The feel of a really solid family foundation. Not only that but those feelings will reverberate for a lifetime as you guys continue to talk about this trip for years to come.

    09.10.19 Reply
  15. Alexa says:

    Very late to reply but this was really fun – my husband and I listened jointly. Thank you for your insights! As we consider getting a nanny, this was especially interesting to us and I echo the requests of others in previous comments for tips/tricks/information about your experience with the nanny journey. How have you hit the balance between feeling like part of the family but also having boundaries when necessary? Or another example: when traveling, did you give the nanny time off by the day, then use her for childcare in the evenings? Thanks! So glad you had a wonderful trip. 🙂

    11.08.19 Reply