Astrological Gifting Guide: PISCES

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Happy Birthday, Pisces!!  I must be very transparent and admit that as a Pisces myself– with a Pisces husband!– I am definitely partial to this astrological sign.  And yet, aside from being very adaptable, passionate and creative types who are accepting to a fault– we can also be extremely oversensitive and have a tendency to spin out if left under stress for too long without release.  I’m very guilty of that! This month, I’m picking out some treats for my fellow passionate yet oversensitive Pisces Sisters…in the hopes that you will feel extra special and loved on your Birthday! And…ummm…basically these are the wishlist of things I’m coveting for my own Birthday. Too transparent? Kyle Martino, take note!


One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight

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  1. Greg Fillmore says:

    Hello Eva,

    I have been fascinated with astrology ever since high school, when I was at my local neighborhood public library, saw an astrology book and wondered to myself “Hmmm, what is this astrology, besides the simplistic astrology readings in the newspaper.

    It is fascinating how helpful Solar chart astrology has been for me, for two decades now.

    In the past year or so, I was being with some research, about astrology, over the internet.

    I discovered, a part of astrology that I had never heard of before, Constellational Astrology. As with other writings of the past, the dead sea scrolls, the bible, gnostic writings, sometimes key foundational elements are omitted. Astrology is no different.

    The constellation Ophiuchus has been omitted from the traditional astrological realm, it is next to Scorpio which I am born under (depending on which constellations are applied or not).

    With solar astrology, which is most widely known, analysis of your chart with the associated constellations is limited to our local solar system.

    Last September I had my first constellational Astrology reading. I found out my constellation is Virgo.

    My Venus, with the Solar astrology, is in Virgo, which explains my wired in need for near perfection with a relationship partner in terms of intelligence with symmetry of form.

    I know perfection does not exist, I have been in love with women’s minds in the past, but if the proper symmetry is not there with the intelligence of mind, then it is a no go relationship wise.
    Additionally my high standards in the realms of: communication, ethics, that has been a theme in my life, finding out about the dominant Virgo in my Constellation chart, has helped clarify much that foundationally began with the solar astrology, back when a curious young man was seeking to fill his mind, to assist with reasonable understanding, at a deeper level, why two people from the same parents, have different: communication styles, approaches to avoiding and or engaging in conflicts, as well as unique styles to achieving their goals.

    From my constellational astrologer, he shared with me, that this is a helpful book, The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology By Vivian E. Robson is beneficial if you want to explore more about this empowering aspect of astrology.

    Very complementary, the solar astrology that Eva wisely shares with her intrepid co leaders here at her blog, with Constellational Astrology, if you feel the need, a nice complement to add to the picture, of your unique astrological energy signature, that is each human being.

    Happy journeying through the astrological realms!

    Greg Fillmore

    02.21.16 Reply
    • Pook says:

      I don’t believe in Constellational Astrology. I think it was “omitted” because it was inaccurate, and because it is based on physical aspects of the solar system, not on the spiritual aspects. I would be an Aquarius, and I am hardly one. I am 100% Pisces. When something is missing from history and has remained unused for centuries, there is usually a reason.

      03.01.16 Reply
  2. Amanda says:

    Ha! I’m a Pisces as well, my birthday is the 2nd. I was tripping out on your gift suggestions because not only are they random but they make total sense for a Pisces, too funny. And I love Elizabeth and James. (:

    02.29.16 Reply