5 Under 50: Patterned Pajamas

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Pajamas are kind of my thing.  I love how bright and pulled together they look without sacrificing coziness.  Why wear a pair of old sweats and a Tshirt when you can wear patterned pajamas?! Yeah I don’t know why…and my credit card doesn’t either.  Whoops!  As a self professed patterned pajama addict, I haven taken it upon myself to find some adorable and affordable options.  While the Roberta Roller Rabbit pajamas in this twinning pic with Marlowe are definitely not under fifty bucks (I recommend them for a gift or splurge!) I have found five pairs that are!  See below for a clickable shopping guide.



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  1. Nicole says:

    I LOVE PJ sets! They are so fun. K & I get each other a matching set for Christmas pretty much every year. My only qualm with them is that they are so dang expensive. I wanted to get a set for each one of my bridesmaids but I could not justify dropping the $$ required for 7 maids… I guess you need less friends for gifts like that 🙂

    01.26.16 Reply
  2. Katie Morene says:

    I love Roberta Roller Rabbit’s patterns; however, check with the company as there was a recall on their children’s pajamas due to federal flammability standard violation.


    01.27.16 Reply
  3. Roberta Roller Rabbit says:

    Hi Katie – The voluntary recall you are referring to relates to pajamas sold prior to February 2015 which were not in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s ”tight fitting” size requirements. These non-compliant pajamas contained a woven yellow tag sewn-in to the garments at the neck and were removed from retail stores and our website at the beginning of 2015. Pajamas sold after February 2015 feature a heat transfer label at the neck area and are not affected by this voluntary recall. We hope this addresses any concerns you may have. – The Roberta Roller Rabbit Team

    02.01.16 Reply