VIDEO: Simple & Delicious Mulled Wine Recipe

Today I’m sharing a super simple and spicy delicious Mulled Wine recipe!  I was always intimidated by making Mulled Wine, but I investigated and it turned out to be one of the easiest and most impressive Wintry cocktails you can serve! A perfect big batch alternative to punch for you parties hosted in the cooler months.  Cook up a batch for you and your honey to snuggle up with on Valentine’s Day! Cheers!

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  1. Max says:
  2. Greg Fillmore says:

    Hello Eva,
    Thanks for sharing this Mulled Wine Recipe. I discovered it is a very popular drink in England during Christmastime. It can give us American Heinz 57 hybrids with English ancestery, or anyone who hears the call to FEEL their inner English SPIRIT, I say to the wise co leaders of this blog BRILLIant!! (just as the Enlgish people, can only do and do well!).
    I like experimenting with ingredients thou. A recipe that I found has lemon peels, but no lemon.
    Lemons have VERY high levels of vitamin c.
    Guess why in many circles English people are called Limeys? In the 19th century the British navy had challenges with scurvy. Long story short, on the St Laurence River in Canada, a navy ship was having a shipwide sickness of this mysterious uncurable ailment. This was a HUGE problem in the English Navy at that time.
    The ship docked at the site of a Native Canadian settlement. They told them the symptoms. The medicine man shared, “We have tree bark that cures this.”
    The doctor on the navy ship applies the bark liquid remedy, and watches his shipmates cured. The doctor later found that lemons have VERY high amounts of vitamin c, a vitamin foundationally essential for our immune systems to heal.
    So from then on, ALL British Naval ships were stocked with plentiful amounts of limes, to maintain Her Majestys, as well as the Kings Commonwealth.
    And thus the name ‘Limeys’ was adopted as a term of endearment, toward English people, and the safer seafaring, their discovery allowed the blooming of.
    It is fun to experiment, especially when some helpful vitamins, are involved.
    I humbly found out this information, due to a curiosity, in why English people, are called Limeys.
    Thanks Eva, for posting about a drink I have never tried, but is dated back to the 2nd century in Rome. Who says time machines don’t exist, it is as easy as making some mulled wine. Eva, a time traveler of 19 century’s, back to Rome, 200 AD, all that with a sip of her homemade mulled wine. 🙂