Style File: Shirtdressed For Success



Isabella Oliver Dress // Vans for J.Crew Shoes // Prada Sunglasses (similar)


Maternity dressing is no easy feat.  I realized this during my first rodeo (aka Marlowe) and never has it been more evident than in my third pregnancy as my belly gets (much) bigger (much) more quickly.  Here’s the issue– Maternity clothing normally falls in to two main categories: The Basics (leggings, Tshirts, Jeans, Tank tops, more leggings, more Tshirts, more Jeans…you get the idea) OR super pretty dressy things (i.e. your special occasion dress or baby shower dress).  Where I personally have a hard time is finding great outfits that accommodate my bump AND looked pulled together enough to, say, go to a meeting or a lunch date without looking like I’m a fourteen year old boy or en route to a wedding)  You see my dilemma.  And the solution is either hunting through bump-friendly Maternity clothing companies, or going to a regular person store and literally trying on every single thing to see if it fits. That’s why when I find a company that does this Maternity-middle-ground well I stick to it! I wore Isabella Oliver a lot during my first pregnancy, and I still adore them.  This dress is so classic and elegant but also comfortable.  Dress it up with a pair of wedge sandals at the office, and slip on a fancy pair of sneakers to trot to lunch.  Don’t forget to order dessert!!!









Photographs by Anel Dzafic

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