The Happily App For Harvey Relief

Eva Amurri Martino provides a way to help Houston in the wake of Harvey on the Happily App

The devastation in Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey has been terrifying and heartbreaking to watch.  Seeing so many innocent people lose their lives, loved ones, homes, pets, and earthly possessions in the floods has left me reeling for something to do, some way to act and provide my services in any way possible.  I can’t imagine how much the people of Texas must be hurting right now.  I feel so lucky to have my own loved ones gathered around me in a dry and safe home, and all I can do is think of the millions of people who don’t have that luxury today– and probably won’t for a long time…

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the methods Kyle and I have found to do our part in the wake of the Harvey Crisis in Texas, and how I’m using The Happily App to create further donations for the cause! Above all, remember that even $1 to any of the reputable charitable organizations really does make a difference.  A natural disaster can happen to any one of us at any time– it’s so important to send the message loud and clear to the people of Texas that we will not forget them.  We are all responsible for each other!

Kyle and I have personally donated to The Texas Diaper Bank, The American Red Cross, and United Way Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund.  We are also becoming sponsors for a struggling Houston family through local blogger Sugarandcloth.com.  They are matching donors with families if you want to take a more personal approach! I really like all of these organizations, but it’s important to find one (or a few!) that speak to you! I highly recommend this article by the New York Times about how to support Harvey Relief and avoid scams.

So how are we helping at The Happily App? For the next week 100% OF PROFITS from the app will be donated to United Way for Harvey Relief.  Merch prices are the same, just use code “HARVEY” at checkout to make sure the donation (on our end) is applied from the purchase of your shirt.

In addition to this, I have designed a collection of 3 shirts to show our support for Texas during this harrowing time.  They can be found in the “Special Occasions” Inspiration Section on the app, as well as below.  Any of the Texas designs can be applied to any Tshirt, Onesie, or Sweatshirt– just manipulate as you normally would within the app.

I am so thankful to be in a position where I can donate these proceeds to people in need in our country in this moment in time.  I hope you use this opportunity to make the shirt you’ve always wanted AND serve those suffering in the wake of Harvey.





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  1. Averill says:

    Thanks for doing this Eva. It’s been a harrowing week here in Houston. After evacuating on Monday from rising flood waters, I can finally say definitively that our house has been spared as Buffalo Bayou crested late yesterday, just feet from my doorstep. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for most of the homes in my neighborhood. Of the approximately 750 homes that make up my ‘hood, around 650 took on water – nearly half of which took water on in significant quantities (in excess of 1-2’, some in excess of 6’). The Bayou will be slow to recede over the coming days and weeks due to controlled releases of the dams west and north of our neighborhood, which means it may be weeks or a month before my neighbors and friends can get back to their homes and even begin to assess the damage. Many lost their vehicles as well as the flood waters rose so quickly on Saturday and Sunday that they could not be moved to higher ground. The local elementary school, which almost exclusively pulls from this neighborhood, is closed “indefinitely.” (Dear God let “indefinitely” be sooner rather than later…my children are stir crazy!)

    I’m at a loss when I think about the enormity of the task ahead for our neighborhood as we begin to rebuild.

  2. Averill says:

    Also, in addition to the charities you recommend above, I’d highly suggest the Houston Food Bank for those looking to help. Houston has a very high percentage of children and families with food insecurity at the best of times and with schools closed for weeks and many of our lowest income neighborhoods flooded, demands on the area food banks are at an all-time high/