How To Fill An Easter Basket

Eva Amurri Martino's Easter Basket DIY

So. Clearly there are hundreds of ways to pack an Easter Basket!  But today I thought I’d share my tried-and-true method that takes out the guesswork and results in a cute and holiday-appropriate little parcel.  Plus, there’s some simple & easy DIY love in there for my friends who want to personalize their baskets but don’t want a craft that takes forever.  I got you covered!  Easter was always a big holiday growing up, and my Mom really focused on togetherness and celebrating as a family.  I remember being one of the only kids in my friend group in college who would routinely “go home” for Easter.  Everyone was always like “Whaaaaa?” LOL.  I think of Easter as my Mom’s holiday, and she has always been the Queen of Easter Baskets.  She would routinely gather the contents starting, like, three months before Easter and would include the most insane artisanal chocolates and candy, amazing personalized presents, and sometimes even jewelry (!).  My own baskets are just a tad more pared down (Sorry, Lowie, no jewelry. LOL) but I have learned over the years how to include just the right things to make kids swoon on Easter Morning.  Here are my must-have Easter Basket elements!

Eva Amurri Martino displays her children's white wicker Easter Baskets and tips for filling them

Use A Classic Basket

I love a simple, white, wicker Easter Basket.  Call me traditional– but these are so gorgeous all on their own, or even cute turned in to Easter animals! If using them simply, make sure to buy some beautiful seasonal ribbon and tie a nice fluffy bow around the handle to give them a little special flair. I prefer this classic filling for the interior– make sure to recycle after the holiday!

Something Sweet

I love including the tried and true foil-wrapped Easter chocolate– and I always find one special, statement piece of candy or chocolate for the kids.  This year I chose two adorable little chocolate bunnies.  Little does Major know that his chocolate is only for show…hate to break it to ya, guy!  My rule though is to not go too overboard with the candy.  I don’t deprive Marlowe of sweets, but I like it to remain special! Just a small scattering of chocolate will do the trick.

Eva Amurri Martino shows off the colorful contents of her children's Easter Baskets

Something Fun

A small toy is such a great addition to an Easter Basket.  Your kids can bring them to church, or can play in the living room for hours while you hang out or prep dinner in the kitchen.  I chose large bubble wands this year, since we finally have a big yard to run around in! Marlowe flips for bubbles, and I know Major will be spellbound as well.

Something Creative

It’s nice to have an Arts & Crafts element to your Easter basket! Since Easter is such a family-centric holiday, it’s great to turn off your devices and really connect over a creative experience.  This year, I got the kids chalk to draw with in the driveway.  The nice bright colors will look great against the jet black pavement!

Something To Read

Another great church trick…put a new book in your child’s Easter Basket! I don’t know about yours, but my toddler wants to read new books about a trillion times the first day she gets them.  An engrossed child makes for a less-stressed Mama.  Amen to that. This is also a good airplane trick…just saying.

Something DIY

It’s so lovely to personalize your child’s Easter Basket in some way.  It really makes kids feel special!  But personalization doesn’t mean it has to take forever, cost a fortune, or be challenging to pull off.  This year I created a DIY element to my kids’ baskets just by dyeing eggs and using crafting elements I already had on hand to make them extra special.

Multicolored marbled Easter Eggs in a dip dyed bowl

When dyeing the eggs, dip repeatedly, and let the dye drip around the egg to create an easy marbleized look.  Next, use stickers, a fine-tipped Sharpie, googly eyes, craft paper, and your imagination to create special messages and characters for your basket!  I put each of my children’s names on an egg in their basket along with a sweet Easter message.  Then I made cute chick and bunny characters by adhering printed craft paper and eyes to my eggs!  I highly recommend using these sticky “Zots” for project like this since they’re super strong, and you don’t have to wait for glue to dry.

Eva Amurri Martino personalizes Easter Eggs for her children

Eva Amurri Martino personalizes Easter Eggs for her children's Easter Baskets using stickers and a sharpie pen

Eva Amurri Martino decorates vibrant easter eggs for her children's Easter Baskets

A simple yellow Easter Egg transformed in to a cute chick

A simple blue Easter egg transformed in to a cute bunny rabbit

Eva Amurri Martino's Easter Basket DIY


Do you have any tried and true Easter Basket ingredients that you use year after year? Let me know in the comments below!






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  1. Chelsea Garlock says:

    Super jealous of those French braids! My 2.5 y.o. daughter’s hair is so tough to work with, even though she’s had so much hair since birth! This year for her easter basket I was really excited to add a bath bomb from Lush. I think she’s gonna freak out! For my 6 month old son I found some squeaky Easter egg toys and a teething bunny (like Sophie the giraffe but it looks like a chocolate bunny)! Gotta love Target.

  2. across says:

    I needеd to thank you for this great rеad!! Ӏ definitely ⅼoved every bit of it.

    I’ve got you book-marked to look at new stuff you post…