Father’s Day Gifting Guide



It’s almost time to celebrate the DADDIES! Blood or otherwise, I’m so glad there is a day to celebrate the Men in our children’s lives who help shape their futures for the better! Our resident “Dada” is pretty much a fave around here, and I’m so thankful for what he shows and teaches Marlowe that I never could.  Kyle and I are so different, even in our parenting, and I’m glad that Marlowe has both of us to balance out her childhood.  When I watch Kyle with our daughter, it makes me so proud and grateful– I know he’s going to be such a role model for her as she grows up and becomes a Woman.  I didn’t have my own Father involved or present in my life, and so it means that much more to me to see my Little Girl with all that extra love and protection in hers.  I applaud all the Men who show up every day for their kids, and make an effort to connect, listen, share, support, and elevate.  They deserve a gift to show our admiration! Today I’m sharing my Father’s Day Gifting Guide with a bunch of drool-worthy items.  Click on an image for shopping info!






We’re planning on going out of town as a family to celebrate Father’s Day this year! What do you have planned? Any perfect gift ideas or ways to celebrate together?? Let me know in the Comments below!


Photographs by Anel Dzafic

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  1. Donna says:

    Hi! I didn’t have my Father involved or present much either growing up so I also appreciate my Husband and what a wonderful Father he is!
    One thing I love to do is let my Son make something , a craft or pottery, for Fathers Day! Gives the gift extra meaning and something my Husband can always look back on with a sweet memory!

    • That sounds so fun, Donna! I wish there was a place like that near me– I used to go in LA all the time