I’m a little starstruck.  As a Mother with fledgling business myself, I have a thing for Mom-started mega companies, and this week’s subject of “Eight By Eva” just so happens to be the founder of one of my favorite kids brands EVER, Aden + Anais!  Raegan Moya-Jones started her incredible company while working full time at The Economist, and raising her family of four beautiful girls!  This Aussie Mama has built both her business and her family from the ground up, and has done it all with a truly admirable work ethic and an excellent sense of humor (my favorite!)  Here, Raegan answers my eight favorite questions.

What is the best parenting advice you have received?
Keep it simple. You realize when you’re pregnant and everyone on earth is
determined to give you unsolicited advice that parenting is complicated. And
some of that is because it’s an inherently emotional journey, raising a person.
And some of it is just absolutely unnecessary. That simplicity is carried into our
company ethos. Your baby doesn’t need all the toys and gadgets and outfits to
be happy, and neither do you. We’ve made sure, as a company, that we bring
products to market that help parents and caregivers, but don’t add complication
and noise and clutter to a home or to our lives.  

What is your greatest challenge as a parent?
I have four girls, which means I have a house full of emotions. Really, from the
day they’re born, you just watch your children become who they are. It’s
incredible, and even more so now that they’re really discovering their own senses
of self. The challenge is in making sure each of them feels seen, and feels she
has the space to be who she is. No pressure at all there.

What’s the latest with your kid(s)? Any new dynamics? Funny quirks? Challenges?
Well, we’re still recovering from Zayn leaving One Direction, but I think we’ll all be

What is your dream day as a family?
When you have four kids, time together as a whole unit is harder and harder to
come by the older they get. They have their own lives, and their own schedules. I
love when we’re all together on weekend mornings all six of us in bed watching
VH1 top 20 countdown before we cook breakfast and get pulled in our different
directions for the day. But sometimes it feels like the dream day would be getting
everyone out the door, on time, heading to their own appointments with a smile
on their face. Isn’t that what all moms dream of, though? Just one time getting
out the door on time?

Kid item you can’t live without?

I’ve heard really great things about Aden + Anais muslin swaddles

Favorite local kids activity?
The DUMBO carousel will always have a special place in our hearts, even if the
girls are almost carouseled out.

How do you unwind?
I wish it happened more often. Spending time with good friends, and having a
glass of wine………or four.  

What are your favorite beauty products?
A good lipstick. Face Stockholm and Mac make some of my favorites!
Our all purpose soothing ointment is always in my bag, too. It’s made with paw
paw fruit – another Aussie staple – and is a really amazing do-it-all moisturizer.
Love it as a lip balm, especially.

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  1. Glenda says:

    Love her swaddlers. They’re so comfy. I’ve bought the pack that brings the animal print.