4 Kraft Paper Gift Wrapping Ideas


It seems that this time of year there are twenty million things to wrap and send off in the mail (or even place under the tree!) Nice wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper can really add up! I wanted to find an inexpensive and charming way to wrap my gifts this year.  Kraft paper to the rescue! You can buy it in large rolls, and use a few inexpensive tools to dress it up again and again!

_1030034Stamped Rudolph

Use a stag stamp and white ink to create a rustic pattern on your Kraft Paper.  Use a hot glue gun to place a small dot of glue on each deer’s nose, topping it off with a tiny red pompom.  Finish with a bow (I love festive Baker’s Twine), or leave it as is for an effect that’s just as charming!

Holiday Dots

Use the eraser of a new pencil to stamp dots with stamp ink on the Kraft Paper.  Either make them uniform, or mix up colors in a scattered pattern as pictured! Make sure if you’re using more than one color to finish up with each color individually before cleaning the eraser and moving to the next color.


Sparkly Washi Tape

Apply Washi Tape in stripes across your wrapped package.  You can do the entire box, or just a few on one side, as pictured.  Top it off with a glittered gift tag!


Crafty Snowflakes

Use a hot glue gun to dot the back of paper snowflakes, then press down on to your wrapped package.  Space them evenly, or overlap as pictured for a modern look!





Are you guys fans of Kraft Paper? I just discovered it and LOVE it! So many possibilities and it’s great to lay over my dining table to protect the wood while I craft with Marlowe! How do you use Kraft Paper?




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  1. Maria says:

    I love this idea with the kraft paper! Plus you can have different stamps for different occasions, say birthdays or Valentine’s Day etc. I cannot wait to try it. I adore reading your blog!

    • Maria,
      Exactly!!! Isn’t it cool?! Almost makes you not need to ever buy expensive wrapping paper again. Try out different ribbon combos too– I just did the cutest package with a heart stamp for a baby shower this weekend!


  2. Shae wall says:

    I adore Kraft paper! The whole brown paper packages tied up with string this time of year is just so elegant in my opinion. Also it doesn’t tear super easily on corners like normal wrapping paper does. I do love the endless possibilities with too. I used gold sharpies and ribbons last year but I never thought to use stamps! Love the idea!

  3. Love, LOVE, LoVe, these ideas. It’s no Christmas yet and I am ready to wrap some gifts. And I am not into wrapping gifts.

  4. Creedance Mongillo says: